Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Family Vacation: Easter Sunday

On Sunday we got up and thankfully the Easter Bunny came to Montreal! 

 The kids anxious to go on the Easter Egg hunt
 Looking for eggs
 On the stairs
 Found some more
 Big smiles
 Very cute!
 The Easter Bunny even brought me some stuff. Two puppies. I named the Bulldog Winston and the Pug Allen
 Check out the loot
Opening up their eggs

Then it was time to get ready to go to Church

 My Handsome boy and beautiful girl
  Me, Allen and Winston
 My new best buddies
 The kids with their Grandparents
 My beautiful wife and kids
 A nice pick with Grandpa and Granny
 Our last Family pic of the trip

We went to church at the Salvation Army Montreal Citadel.  The Army sold the old Montreal Citadel building about 8 years ago because they just weren't getting enough people to fill the huge hall.  Kinda sad. It was a great service in their temporary location and we had a great time.  Brian preached and even quoted The Big Bang Theory in his sermon!  After church and a great family waffle lunch we headed home.  On the way home Brian drove by the Old Montreal Citadel for us to see.  

 What a beautiful building. Majestic!
 It is too bad they had to sell it. It would have been very cool to have gone there.

And today it was time to go home. Very Sad but we look forward to our next trip out East.  Let's start the planning now!

 At the Westjet counter the kids got to help tag the bags and run the conveyor belt
 Watching the planes waiting to get on our flight
 Saying good by to Montreal
 Watching as we take off
Big Captain Zach got to go in the cockpit after our flight and say hi to Captain Troy (On the right).  He thought that was pretty cool!

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