Monday, April 01, 2013

Family Vacation: Montreal: Walk and Habs Game

On Saturday we got up and went out for a great breakfast at Eggs Frutti.  After breakfast we went down to Rene Levesque Park for a walk to enjoy the sunshine.  It wasn't super warm but it was nice to get out for a walk.

 Abs climbing a tree
 Abs and Gran
 Abby running to catch up
 The two Mommies
 What you can't see here is that Zach is holding on for dear life!
 Now as you can see, Abs IS holding on!!!
 The race is on!  I love our new Camera!  Being able to get action shots like this awesome!
 A light house
 Brian squishing the light house
 Big Eddy running to catch us
 Walking in the park
 Daddy wanted to do some climbing so we climbed the rocks
 We went up...
 and up...
 and up...
 Until we reached the top
 Zach looking down on his Mama
 She looks like she has a halo. Is Abs an angel? Sometimes...
 Dad finally made it up to the top
 Sweet pose down
 I absolutely love this picture!!!
 Now what?
 Smile for Mum
 Hanging out
 Now that is one good looking guy!
 Heading back to the van
 Me and my girl
 Chubb Sisters
 Me and my girl
 Oh Yeah! Whoot Whoot!!!

Then back to Granny & Grandpa's to relax in the sunroom

 Tea Flowers from Great Auntie Sue
 Abs got one too
 The was Zach's desk
 And Abby's desk
 Granny hanging with the kids
 This is Zach and I. I told him if we sit and smile nice they'd bring us food and you know what? They did! haha
 A Daddy and his little girl
 After dinner naps

Now it was time for the main event!  Thanks to Pa and the GCNA, Brian and I got tickets to the Montreal Canadians vs the New York Rangers game.  It was awesome.  He had fantastic seats and the Bell Centre was very cool.

 Before the game
 A picture from our seats

I decided to play with the camera again during warm-up and got some great shots.

 P.K. Subban
 A close up of P.K.
 Lundqvist warming up
 Nice save
 Glove save
 The Canadians closing in on back-up Budaj
 There is some cool history that surrounds this team
 The Habs have won a few cups...
 A nice pick from our seats
 Gionta during a TV Timeout
 Price chatting with Budaj during a break.  What ever Budaj told him it worked because the Rangers couldn't get anything by him.  The Habs won 3-0.
 A close up on Price
 He was awesome
Think he's praying to stop every puck?

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