Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grandad's Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to Grandad's house to celebrate Grandad's birthday.  He invited us all over for a beach party.  As you will see in all the pictures we dressed up and had a great time opening presents, painting Grandad, playing games and of course eating a great meal.

 It was Grandad's party so he got to open his presents first
 Syd hanging with Grammee
 Chrissy in her beach attire
 G in her beach cover-up
 Grammee and Syd
 Grandad got a water gun for the beach in Penticton
 A great smile from Syd and her Mama
 Then posing with her Auntie
 The kids bought Grandad some golf balls and each one got to decorate a ball.  They were so proud of the jobs they did.  Here's Ally showing Grandad what she drew on her ball.
 Abs telling Grandad about the ball she drew.
 Big Hugs. I think Zach is choking Grandad
 More hugs
 My niece Ally loves to do pose downs for her Uncle B! It is AWESOME! Here is a sweet pose!
 My beautiful niece Alyssa
 Sue got the pleasure of tracing Grandad. She did a great job!
 Time to paint Grandad. Zach got the head, Abby the shirt and Ally the shorts
 Zach drawing Grandad's hair
 Abs working on his shirt
 Ally working on Grandad's colourful shorts
 More painting
 My Beautiful wife! 
 Syd and I. Check out those baby blues!
 Zach just finishing up Grandad's arm
 And there's Grandad!
 Great job guys!
 I think they did a pretty awesome job!
 The kids with Grandad and their finished painting
 Time to limbo while the painting dried
 Abby's turn
 Go Uncle Go
 Check out those legs.  Chrissy is SO lucky!
 oh geez!  Too bright!  Too bright!
 Gallitown in their beach attire
 Check out those cut-offs
 This is embarrassing but has to be shared! haha
 Time to play pin the golf club on Grandad
 Go Ally go!
 Abby's turn.  How close can you get?
 Not bad!
 Spin him lots Auntie Sue!
 To the left Zach! to the left!!!
 Pretty good!
 Gramme had a fun idea for dessert after our BBQ'd Burgers and Hot Dogs.  Dessert in a bucket!  Pudding with candies, Oreos and graham crackers! Yum!
 Zach with his creation
 Syd munching on a candy worm
 Mum and Zachy eating dessert
 Even Grandad had some candies!
 Abby is SO excited to get started
 Ally loving her dessert
 Mom and Syd downing their pudding
 Pretty sad.  We know.  Here is Grandad's birthday Candles he got to hold while we sang to him!
 Candles all blown out for another year
 Zach you got a little something on your face!
 Lick that spoon clean Sydney
 You too Abby!
Great job on the party Gramme!  We had lots of fun!!!  Can't wait for next year!

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Grammee said...

It was so much fun. I love my family.