Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zach's First Ball Hockey Game

Today Zach started his Hockey Career.  He played his first Ball Hockey game ever.  First time he has ever played on a team.  
He had so much fun and loved being out there with his team playing hockey.  So much better than playing in the Garage with Dad.
He is playing in the Sherwood Park Ball Hockey Leagues in the 4-6 year old Tykes division.  He is the second youngest player on his team.
We got there and met his coaches and then Zach got his Jersey.  He is #3!
Here are some pictures from Zach's first Ball Hockey game:

Zach in his new jersey
In Line ready to go out on the floor
Huddle up before practice begins

What they do each week is a 20 minute practice, a 30 minute game and a 10 minute wrap up.

 Big #3
 Practising their passing
 Passing with the team
 Stick handling around the net
 Shooting practice
 Coach Jason helping out Zach
 More shooting
 Talking with Coach Ryan
 Backhand slap shot?
 Coach Ryan giving Zach some pointers

And the Game begins

  Zach lines up for his first ever shift and...

The team scores!

 He was so excited he ran...
 He ran and ran all the way down the rink to us
 This smile is priceless
 Time for a break on the bench
 On the bench with his teammates
 Water time
 Lining up for hist first Face-off ever
 He won this draw. Lost his second draw. 50/50.  Not to bad! hahaha
 Running hard
 I just loved that he had a smile on his face the whole time
 Playing some Defence like Daddy
 Heading back up the floor

Game over.  They won 3-0

 Shaking hands after the game

Here are a few videos we took during the game

A good Back Check from Zachy
Zach Excited ready to play
Zach taking a Face-Off
Zach playing some good Defence like his Daddy

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