Monday, May 13, 2013

G8 2013

On May 2nd I headed back to Kelowna for the annual G8 golf trip with 7 others.  We had a blast and some great golf was played.  More importantly we had a ton of laughs and more great stories to tell.

The winners this year were the Gay Caballeros.  Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell and Bruce "Buttercup" Coley.  Steve also won the Individual trophy for best all around golfer.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the trip

 Here's Keith dressed up Like Dwight to Intimidate the Young Guns
 Brad dressed up as me to TRY and Intimidate
 A big swing from Dwight
 And from Keith on the first hole of Gallagher's Canyon
 A big slice swing by me
 Bruce hitting from the rough
 A Panoramic view of Gallagher's Canyon
 Al hitting on the Par 5 ninth hole at Gallagher's
 The ball heading nicely out onto the fairway
 Steve's turn
 The Big Dawg taking a big swing with the clubhouse in the back ground
 This is a note I found in my suitcase when I unpacked at Predator.  Almost made me cry.  Thanks Abby!
 This is a care package that Brian "Silverback" Venables sent for us.  We missed Brian this year but with living in Montreal he was forced to take a few years off.  Thanks for all the snacks!!!
 This is a shot from the balcony of our condo at Predator.  It backed onto the beautiful 16th hole.
 The green on 16 with the Hockey Canada Cabin in the background
 Check out the sweet pants (Made by my mother in law) on the Walrus!!!
 Bruce hitting from along the bank of the pond. (I'm beginning to think that Steve and I just pull out the camera when Bruce is in trouble haha).  Truth be told Bruce played the best golf of his life this week!!!
 Keith "Duff" Perry playing out of the bunker on 18
 Brad "Ruff" Reiter  with a nice looking swing
 Ball's been launched
 Keith hitting down on that ball
 And it's smoked!
 A nice finishing pose
 Bruce "Buttercup" Coley
 The Bushwackers (Keith & Brad) were up to no good all weekend.  They dressed up like Bruce and Steve at Kelowna Springs with bright yellow golf shirts, dressed up like Dwight and I at Gallagher's (Which you saw earlier) and here they are dressed up like the Clydesdales.  Hilarious! You should have seen the looks they were getting at the course! haha
 Al in his nice loud mouth shorts
 The Walrus chipping onto the green
 Brad putting out
 Dwight hitting on the par 3 12th on the Ridge course at Predator
 The walrus following him
 Another nice shot of 16 from the condo
 The Walrus
 Young Guns forever!
 I don't think Bob has ever been more proud of his nephew!!!

Here are a few swing sequences

Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore

Brad "Ruff" Reiter

Keith "Duff" Perry

 Hole 1 at the Rise.  A new Fred Couples course in Vernon with some AMAZING views 

Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell

Bruce "Buttercup" Coley

Dwight "Coach" Anthony

 A relaxed Dwight on the 3rd hole of the Rise
 Looking down the 6th hole of the Rise
 Bob on the Par 3 7th.  Just off the green with his tee shot and...
 Chips...and it drops for Birdie!!!
 Here's a nice shot of the par 3 7th

Brian "Walrus" Gallimore

 Walrus buddy, it's not the clubs fault! haha
 Bruce with the Okanogan Lake in the background
 Look at the focus on the face of the Squirrel!
 Here's a great picture of, I believe, hole 10 of the Rise. So nice with the lake in the background!
 The green a long way away!
 Dwight teeing off
 Here goes Bruce
 Another beautiful hole

Here is a sequence of picture of Brice hitting out of a pond on the 18th hole!!!

 Great job Bruce!!!
 The Gallimore boys
 The Big Dawg!
 Here's is the group.  Man we are ugly but we know how to have fun!
 The Young Guns
 Good thing this picture was taken before the round because we weren't smiling much after the round! haha
 Bob putting with his Boston Bruins Hockey Stick Putter
 The Gay Caballeros
 The focus of true Champions!
 What's this a picture of? Oh wait, there's the Bushwackers hiding in the rough!
 The Bushwackers
 Great Camo outfits boys!
 Steve on the deck at the clubhouse of the Rise
 Looking good Duff!
 The Clydesdales
 These old-timers can still play I tell ya!!!
 Stevie pulling the ball right off the tee
 Bruce piping it down the middle
 The Walrus followed Bruce down the middle
 And can see the ball :)
 A nice panoramic view of the valley
 So, on one hole I duffed it and didn't make it past the ladies tee.  So, as tradition states,  had to drop my pants to hit my next shot...
I actually hit an awesome shot and pared the hole!!!
I had a great time.  What a great group of guys playing great golf on great golf courses in great weather!

Can't wait until next year!

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