Saturday, May 25, 2013

Swim, Gym and BH

This week the kids finished up their Spring swimming lessons.  They both did awesome and passed their respective levels.  Abby was sick and missed her last class but her are a few pictures of Zachy swimming.

Ready to jump
Smiling at teacher Sam
Ready for a rocket ship glide
Can you tell he knew Daddy was taking pictures?
Go Zach Go
No fear
Pop up. great job Zach!
Thumbs up
Fooling around with Teacher Jayla
He even smiles while swimming. Goofball!
Get her Zach
More thumbs up
I love this picture. These two are having too much fun!
Slide time
Back float

This morning Abs did anther great job at Gymnastics.  She loves climbing the rope!  I still can't believe she does it!

Starting the climb
Almost to the top
Made it
Here's a video of her climb

Big smile while waiting for water
I was corrected by my daughter.  This is not "hanging from the balance beam", it's a "sloth walk". haha atta girl Abs
Jumping around

Zach had a ball hockey game at noon today.  He played great and the team won 5-2.

Ready in warm-up
Abby grabbed the camera and took some pics.  Here's Daddy and Grandad watching
A self pic
This is Jett, he goes to the same daycare as Abs and Zach. Abby took this picture. Oddie Oh oh
Auntie Megs, Abs and Mum
Run bud
Lined up for the face-off
Go get that ball buddy!
Running hard
Good hustle
Always a smile on this kids face. Makes him Mum and Dad very happy knowing he's having fun!

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