Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bunnies @ M&M's

On Wednesday evening we went over to Uncle Mike and Auntie Megan's for dessert and to visit the bunnies Uncle Mike is taking care of right now.  The bunnies were very cute and quite big.  Very soft and very friendly.  The kids loved them! Zach named the bunnies while we were there.  The grey one is called "Rocket" and the white one "Skittles".  No clue where that came from but they are great names!

 Mike with Rocket
 Zachy petting Rocket
 Abs saying hi to Rocket
 Uncle B and his buddy Aubrey
 Abs petting Rocket
 Tucker saying hi to Rocket
 Skittles was a little afraid at first
 Lexi licking Rocket
 Skittles relaxing
 "Haha, you're down there and I'm up here. Mikey likes me best"
 Best buds
 Here's skittles out for a visit
 The kids petting Rocket
 Zach making Aubs giggle
 Abby had Aubrey belly laughing
 The kids just adore their little cousin!
 Uncle Mike went on a camping/hunting trip last week and he was showing the kids some of the things he caught.  This one is a Duck Foot.
 Squirrel Tail
 Salmon tail
 Squirrel hide
 Abs holding Aubrey
 Auntie Megan with her little buddy Zachy
 Zach and Aubs hanging out
 Aubrey showing Zach and Abby that she can play piano
 The kids playing piano
Zachy and the bunnies

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