Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Calgary, Summer Sizzler and the Main Event

On the 2nd we drove down to Calgary for the day to celebrate the life of Steve's Dad, Wayne.  Although it was a very sad day we got to see a lot of friends from Calgary including a visit to the Ginn  household to visit Little Tommy.

 Big Zach and Little Tommy
 Goofing around with Uncle B
 Big Smiles

On Friday night we went to Abby's school for a Summer Sizzler BBQ.  We had a great time eating Hot Dogs, jumping in the Jumpy Castles, getting our faces painted and dancing

 Eating our Hot Dogs
 Abby getting her face painted
 Zach getting his face painted
 This is a puppy dog?!?!?!
 A Beautiful Butterfly
 Ashlyn, Cera and Abby
 This is Abby's best friend Cera
 Slow dancing with my Daughter
 The kids playing in the backyard on Saturday
 This was on my way home from church on Sunday.  A couple of Geese and their Goslings crossing Baseline at 17th street
 A little downtime before the Main Event on Sunday.  I managed to take a picture of Batman and Wonder-woman

We then headed over to My Uncle John and Auntie Lynn's house for what the family has dubbed "The Main Event".  A beautiful Prime Rib roast slow cooked by rotisserie on the BBQ for 4 hours...drool...

 Uncle George starting to carve
 It took 2 Gallimore men to carve this roast! Thanks Uncle John and Uncle George
 Abby and Ally sitting in Uncle John's massage chair
 Auntie Lynn's made the kids smores. Lucky kids!
 An excited boy
 Syd digging in
Messy faces eating the melted chocolate

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