Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Gym, BH and a Gallimore Family BBQ

WE had a very busy day last Saturday. 8am Ball Hockey, 9am Gymnastics, Ally's 5th birthday party (pictures to be posted on the Russell's Blog soon) and the a Gallimore Family BBQ out at Uncle George's to introduce the Family to baby Aiden, my Cousin Jennifer's new baby boy.  Here are some pictures and videos from the day.

Getting ready for a passing drill
Waiting in line
Passing drill
Here's a video of the passing drill. Slow and steady boys!

Then it was time for gymnastics
Abs climbing the rope
Almost to the top
A video of the rope climb
Working out
A video of the uneven bars
Jumping into the pit
A video of a backwards somersault
Abby with her friends Kassidy and Pria
A video of Abs trying to do a roundhouse on the trampoline
A video of abs on the trampoline. They were to try to go from their bum to their tummy. tough!
Abs with her 4 best buds at Gym: Ainsley, Kassidy and Pria

We then headed out Beaumont to Uncle George's for a BBQ

Zachy and baby Aiden.  Aiden is 2 months old.
A kiss for the baby boy
Sydney the sheepdog
The girls posing in front of Chris and Zach
Chrissy is in heaven holding the little one
Syd hydrating
Big and Bigger Eddie playing bean bag toss
Nice form Zachy
Syd and Auntie Sue petting Sophie the sheepdog
Nice Puppy
The definition of comfortable
Snack time
More bean bag toss
Concentrate Big B...Concentrate...
Someone looks like she is up to no good!
Daddy - Daughter pic
There is NOTHING Abby likes better then to hold a baby!
This is Abby's definition of heaven
Uncle B gets a turn
I don't know who is more scared, Aiden or Syd haha
Big Zach and Uncle Burke eating an amazing Prime Rib dinner
Grammee helping Abs feed baby Aiden
 So...this is Uncle Darrell.  He's holding Aiden and Aiden starts to fall asleep. Slowly his head tilts, then he starts to tip and eventually here he is sleeping on Darrell's lap.  Awesome picture!!!
And at the end of a long, very busy, very fun day, Mummy gets a cuddle with Big Eddie

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