Monday, June 17, 2013

Zach's Last Ball Hockey of the Season

On Saturday it was Zach's last Ball Hockey game of the season.  Chrissy and I were at Abby's dance recital so Grandad and Uncle Steve were there to help Zach get ready and take pictures for us.  A huge Thank You to them!!!
Zach has had a blast playing Ball Hockey this spring.  He is now so pumped to play ice hockey in the fall.  
We are very proud of you Zachary!!!

 Lining up for the medal presentation
 Zach getting his medal
 Smiling for coach
 Hockey pose along the boards
 Check out Zach's gameface!
 A great pose. I love this picture!
  I got myself one good looking boy!!!
 The team - White Ballhogz!
 What a great smile

Below is Zach's Team Picture


After the game Zach and Grandad came and met us at Festival Place.  They got there just in time to see Abby's performance
 Zach's hockey gear JUST fit in Grandad's trunk
 Huge smiles
 Ready to go for a ride
 Waving to Uncle
 Zooming off - still smiling
 And off to Festival Place

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Anonymous said...

The next great one... From Edmonton
Very proud Zachary well done