Monday, July 01, 2013

Abby - School Carnival & Taylor Swift Concert

On Wednesday I got to go spend the afternoon with my girl at school for the annual Teddy Bear Picnic and Carnival.  I had a blast spending time with Abby in her environment.  She is so grown up and it was so cool seeing her interact with all her friends and classmates.

Smiles during lunch
Abby and her friend Ava who had lunch with us
Playing in the park after lunch
Abs and Ava in line for face painting
These three are best buds. Abby, Cera and Ava
Ava the kitty cat
Gingerbread Cera
Abs getting her face painted
Butterfly Abby
Looking good girls
Playing ring toss
Chatting with her friends
Abs and Daddy
Ava tossing a ring
Abby's friends Destiny and Abby F. (It's funny. everyone in school calls Abs Abby G., even when Abby F. is not around.  Habit. haha)
Playing  musical chairs
Playing beer pong...I pong toss haha
Abby's turn
Abby with her grade 1 teacher Ms. Korner.  Ms. Korner was a fantastic teacher!  If the rest of her teachers are half as good Abby will do all right!!!
The girls snacking
Me and my girl

Well, Abby's day just kept getting better.  That night she got to go to the Taylor Swift concert with her Mum! Abby LOVES Taylor Swift!!!
Striking a pose for her Dad before the concert (Love it! haha)
The girls ready to go!
In line at the concert for a T-Shirt
They ran into Taylor Swift while waiting in line
Abs in her new shirt
All ready to go with their glow sticks
Getting pumped

Here are a few pictures during the concert of Taylor Swift in action and then below are some great videos of Abby signing her little heart out at the concert

Abs watching in awe
Posing outside Rexall.  What a great night!
Twenty Two 1
Twenty two 2
I knew you were trouble

Check back in a couple of days and I'll post some pictures from Camping this past weekend at Pine Lake

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