Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Penticton Vacation Part 1 of 3

On Friday July 12th we left on our Annual family vacation to Penticton, BC.  It is always a fabulous 2 weeks of golfing, beaching and BBQ.  We had a great time this year.  The weather was the best we ever had and the kids are at a great age that swimming and playing with them at the beach was so much fun.  It was also so awesome having our Friends and Family with us to spend some awesome quality time!  Here a bunch of pictures from the first 3rd of the trip.

On Friday we left and travelled with my Ma & Pa.  We went through to Valemount, BC and stopped for the night at iRVin's Campground. Abby went in and relaxed with her Grammee and Zach & I went to the field to burn some energy

Playing soccer with the boy
Running full tilt
Daddy chasing down Big Zach
The campground in Valemount is surrounded by beautiful mountains
Teaching Zach how to play horseshoes
Good toss Zach!

On Saturday we got up and drove to Penticton, BC.  

 The Penticton sign 
The kids ready to roll

We got there around 4pm and as we passed the beach I got excited and told the kids that once we had the trailer set up that I'd take them for a night swim!

Pose down
Walking out to the dock
Made it

The next day we went down to the beach early, well we went early everyday.  When we got there there were some huge fish swimming close to shore.  We saw these fish a ton through out our two weeks and one day Steve even fed them a little bread.  They were about 2 feet long.  Not sure what kind of fish they were. Very cool.

One of the fish
Daddy pointing out the fish to the kids
You can see how close they were to land in this picture
Another good shot
Another pose down of the kids
2 Divas with their shades and water guns
Chrissy staring down a couple of ducks
The ducks were very aggressive this year looking for snacks.  At one point we declared Zach the Uncle Si Duck Commander and he chased the ducks away for us

Time for Tickleberries.  We went a bunch this year!

Zach and Daddy
Mum and Abs enjoying their ice cream

More beach fun

I love this little boy's smile!
Steve in his "You Had Me At Bacon" T-Shirt
Syd looking for trouble
Abby shooting someone
My beautiful wife getting caught up on the days events
Me and my girl
Nice pipes Zachy
Uncle B turned Ally into a Mermaid
Not a great Mermaid but it'll do.  Looking good Ally
Zach's turn to get buried
Smiles from the Gallitown boyz
Abby's turn
Syd out for a float with her Dad

This year the Hall's came and this was just awesome.  They had 3 of their 5 kids with them and my kids just loved playing with them!
Zach's buddy Cordell
Abby and Erica relaxing in the boats...on shore...haha
Zach and Cordell playing boats in the water
Abs and Erica taking Ally for a ride in the boat
My girl is ready to swim
Syd the diva
Sydney posing with her Uncle B
Cordell and Zach playing in the sand (These two played for hours each day together at the edge of the water)
More playtime
Abs and Ally with one of her famous poses! I love it!
 A great shot of Cordell playing in the water

Back to the trailer
Breakfast with Mum on one of my golf days

One night we headed over to the big park on the Muscle Beach.

A couple of Worker Bees
Now that's a good looking couple
Ally running to play
Syd running from the truck to play
Look at me
A good smile from the boy at the bottom of the slide
Abs climbing
Zach joining her
Abby has become so strong!  She can do the rings/monkey bars so easily now!  Great job Abby!
So...This is me in my sweet cut-offs.  I was in a funny mood and decided to try and embarrass Chrissy and Steve and Sue.  Well...they weren't really embarrassed and, well, I was! haha
More rings for Abs
The beautiful Gallitown girls
Mum and her boy
Zach cruising
Ally got in on the driving action
Ally and her Auntie Chrissy
Posing with my Mom back at the campground. Twins?

Back to the beach

Not sure what we're doing here...
Chrissy with Skaha Lake in the background
Abs and her little crazy buddy Ally. Ally is so funny!
Steve and Sue relaxing on the beach
My niece Syd warming up in her towel
Love It!
The girls grabbing a snack...
With their cousin Chloe
The boyz digging in the sand
Dig deep Zach! Find water!
The girls digging as well
Erica, Ally and Abby making Sand Castles
Ian and Zach digging big holes
Erica jumping off the dock
All the girls out for a float to the dock
Waving to Daddy on the beach
Ready for a swim
Zach floating with Mum
Time to swim to shore
Atta boy Zach
Is that an Ally pose?
Big Stretch
Laughing at Mum
Zach and Cordell playing on the alligator
Chloe and Abby going for a float on the surf board
Steve and I deep in discussion...solving all the worlds one kabob or 2 for dinner! haha
Thumbs up
Zach laughing
Abby and Chloe swimming

Check back soon for Penticton Part 2 of 3.  There will be some great water shots we got with Abby's Camera.

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