Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Pine Lake Camping

On the Canada Day long weekend we went camping with The Russells and Grammee & Grandad to Pine Lake.  It has been just over 6 years since we had been to the Salvation Army camp on the lake.  It has changed so much but the memories of all the summers there still came back.  It was great to be there and we had lots of fun telling old stories and boring the kids like the fact that Chrissy and I had our first kiss outside Cluster 2 oh so many years ago :)

Below are a ton of pictures and a couple of videos from the weekend.

On Saturday Auntie Shauna and Uncle Tom came out for the day with Little Tommy.

 The kids with Tommy
 Chrissy relaxing in the sun (It was hot!)
 Little Tommy with rosy cheeks
 A great smile from Ally
 Little Tommy playing with an Oilers Bear!!!! Oh yeah! Take that Uncle Tom! haha
 Shauna! You look like your up to no good in this picture! haha
 A great smile from G
 Stevie looks like he is up to no good too
 Tommy dancing to his toy
 My beautiful niece Alyssa
 Mom and Tommy
 My girls

So the boy was having a blast cruising on his Big Wheel.  He figured out how to do burn outs and LOVED it!

 On his hog!
 Nice wheels Zachy
 Burn out!
 Oh yeah! I am the coolest!

Below is a video of Zach doing a burn out. awesome.

Syd cruising on her bike...with a little help from her mom.  Syd was doing a great job!  Won't be long till she's biking all on her own
 relaxing by the fire
 Zachy sitting with his Auntie
 Nice wavy hair Chris! oh la la
 Grammee and Syd
 Daddy Daughter pic

I love this next sequence of Uncle B and Syd pics


Time to hit the pool
 Super Steve - Awesome picture
 Best buds
 Zach and his big poppa
 Ally diving in
 Little Tommy and his Daddy
 Super Zach
 I'm coming Mum
 Swim little Tommy, swim!
 Abby in full flight
 Underwater B
 Zach and Daddy
 Big jump Zach
 Zach playing with Uncle Tom
 Auntie Chrissy and little Tommy
 So at first Ally was a little scared to jump in off the diving what does a good dad do? Throws her in! haha and she wouldn't stop jumping on her own the rest of the afternoon!
 Uncle B and Little Tommy
 Playing with the kids
 Me and the wifey
 Playing in the park

At the end of the day we had a fire..and it was a little too much for the little guy

 Fast asleep at the fire
 I love this picture. Peaceful
 Gramme roasting a marshmallow
Grandads turn
I love fire pits

The next morning we got to eat Auntie's awesome waffles

 Silly kids
 Abby looking cozy
 Mum eating her waffles
 Sue cooking while Mom bugs her cause she's grumpy
 Love You Susan!
 Stevie looking for more waffles

On Sunday Brad came out with Jack and Katie for the day to play

 Ally playing in the park
 Jack, Katie and Abs playing in the sand
 Syd swinging (She would do this all day if you let her)
 Chrissy hanging out
 Time for a soccer game
 This one is funny.  Abby tried kicking the ball out and it went over the net
 Jack's got it now
 Katie kicking the ball
 I love this picture. SCORES! Yes!!!!!

Here are some great action shots of Jack and Zach playing soccer.  Zach just loved having another boy to play with :)

 Running hard
 Get him Zach
 Jack closing in
 Zach kicking the ball
 I'm gonna score on you Daddy
 Best team ever!

We went for a walk down to the lake.  It was too windy to canoe but we got a couple of fun pics

 CRAZY pic
 Looking good guys!
 Walking back up the hill
 Chrissy and Katie
 Abby Anne

Back into the pool

 Big Jump Ally
 Katie smiling big
 Super Zach
 Abs flying to Daddy
 Uncle practising for Cirque
 Grandad with a bear hug on Abs
 Syd and Katie playing
 Ally swimming around
 Auntie Sue being silly
 Abby decided she wanted to fly without the life jacket!  She did awesome! She is growing up too fast!!!
 Me and my girl!
 Daddy and Syd swimming
 Me and my Pa underwater. cool pic
 Gramme getting into trouble with the water-gun
 I think Sue is winning the water fight
 My beautiful wife
 Gramme getting Grandad
 Jack jumping in
 Go Zach Go
 Watch this Dad!

Here's a video of Jack showing his Dad he's got no fear!

 Katie and he Daddy playing
 Super Ally
 Super Jack

Back to the campfire

 S'mores are messy!
 Smiles from the best buds
 Auntie and Ally
 Steve tending the fire
 Grandad and Grammee
 Me and my Mommy
 Looking good Abs
 Oh words...that's my boy!
 And this is my hilarious Niece striking a pose
 Trying not to get messy
Auntie Madi stopped by for a visit Sunday night and the kids ambushed her.  They love their Auntie Madi!

Awesome weekend!!!

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