Thursday, August 08, 2013

Calaway Park 1 of 2

On the August Long Weekend we went to Calaway Park with Grammee & Grandad and the Russells.  We Camped at the trailer park right next to Calaway Park so all we needed to do was walk across the field to get to the park.  We, and by we, I mean the kids, had a blast going on all the rides and winning some prizes during our 2 days at the park.  Here are a few pictures and a video of Syd Dancing from our first day at the Park.

On Saturday morning we got up and went to Grammee's new trailer for a Waffle breakfast made by Sue. Grandma Lynn, James, Sandra and Claire joined us.

Morning Grammee
Morning selfy pic
Grandma Lynn and all the kiddies
G showing off her waffle making skills.
What is crazy Syd doing in this pic? hiding?
Kids ready for waffles
Chrissy and I with my Daddy

Time for the Park!

Getting in bright and early ready to ride!

First the swings

Abs ready to roll
Mum and Zachy flying high
Uncle Steve enjoying the swings
Hi Chrissy

Time for the Blue Cage Ridey Thingy

Zach riding with his Mum
Abs riding with Auntie Sue
Stevie with Syd and Ally
Syd loving her ride
Grammee hanging with Syd while the rest of us go on Free Fallin'
Helping big Zach Buckle up
Going up...

Time for the Planes

Uncle Steve and Abs
Mum relaxing while Zach takes her for a ride
Please don't jump Syd!
The girls getting pumped
Big smiles from Zach
Syd loving her plane ride

This ride I can do - the Balloon Ferris Wheel

Gallitown in the blue balloon

This ride was the snoopy plane/boat.  only ride of the day that make the kids feel a little queasy

Pumped before the ride begins
Going back and forth
Not feeling so good...

While the kids were on the Snoopy Plane/Boat Syd did some dancing for Grammee and I.  Very funny.  Here's a video of my hilarious niece doing her thing

Time to mellow out on the train

Riding the train
I love that smile

Time for everyone's favourite, the Baja Buggys

Put your hands in the air and say Whoooo

Truck time

Girls in the pink truck
Ally driving Syd and Abs
The boy riding the Green machine
Hi Abs
I think Syd thinks she is really driving. love it!
Zach looking like a real trucker

Back to the Buggys

Best buds
Abs riding with Syd
Ally just loved putting her hands in the air and yelling.  Awesome
I love this picture. Ally even got Zach in on the yelling!!!
Me with my Mommy and Daddy
A few ferries came by so I took a picture of them :)
The gang on the carousel
Abby on her pretty white horse
A goofy grin from Alyssa
My beautiful wife

Then we went to do the Bi-Planes.  

A Side Note: I was very proud of my daughter.  The attendant acidentally let in too many kids so there wasn't enough room for everyone.  She jumped out of her plane and gave her seat to Ally. Awesome!

Ally with her trademark Whoooo
Zach riding in the #8 Green Plane
Zachy screaming

Then off to the boats, one of the rides that was there when I went to Calaway park as a kid

All the kids riding in the yellow boat
Good thing Syd was driving, all the other kids took their hands off the wheel.
Mum and Zachy relaxing in between rides

Egg Time
The girls thought it was pretty cool riding just by themselves on this ride
Dad riding with his girl
Chrissy trying to get Zach jacked up

After a big day at the park we headed back to the campground and played for a while before bed

Zach and I showing off our sweet bods while playing catch with the ol' pigskin
Check out the pipes on this goofball

What a great first day.  I will post day two shortly...

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