Monday, August 12, 2013

Calaway Park Part 2 of 2

Here's a bunch of pics from day two at Calaway Park

The whole gang in front of the Calaway Park sign

First ride we did on Sunday was the log ride and here's our shot coming down the big slide

  Some great poses!

Then it was off to the rollercoaster for Sue, Steve, Pa and I

We are in the front car
The kids waiting for us to come
Going up
And down
Criusing in the loops with the kids cheering us on
  Another great shot of us coming out of the first loop
And our sweet roller coaster pic. It's called "the moustache"

Time for some kids rides.  First the swings

Syd loved this ride!
Abby like the bigger swings better
Still lots of smiles though

And then it was Grammees turn.  The kids convinced her to go on the train rollercoster with them. She did well, a little woozy but did ok.

Going up
Hands in the air
A thumbs up from Grammee

Back to the planes

Chrissy riding with a gang of kids
"Hi Dad"

Abby had been wanting to go on an adult ride and she had her eyes on a big one all weekend.  She finally convince her Auntie Sue to ride with her and she absolutely loved every second of it!

Waiting in line with Auntie
Getting ready to go
Thumbs up
Auntie a little nervous (More for Abby then herself)
And here we go
Whoo Hoo
Come on Auntie, Hands up!!!
There we go!!!

Time for another Syd ride

More dance moves while she waits to ride
Zach and Syd riding with Auntie again
Free Fallin' with Grandad
Back on the big swings. Uncle Loves this one
What a pair of goofballs
Abby checking on her Mum

We finally made it to the kids Bumper cars and Zach loved it so much he rode them 3 times in a row!  I just love all the smiles in these next few pics!

Huge smiles
Gonna get you
Ready for round 2
Ready to roll
Nice wheels Zach
Ally joined Zach for round 3
Where's Zach?
I'm gonna get him
Zach got her first!
Nice wheels Ally!

Time to play some games and win some prizes

The fishing game
Kids loved this one
Family shot on the train
Boyz rule do the girls
The kids taking a break eating some snacks
Zachy and I eating a churro
Time to head back.  What a great 2 days at the park.  Check out all our loot!!!
 You did well boy!
Walking back to the trailer
Sweet shade eh? ok they're Steve's
A nice pic of S&S
Spoke too soon
Fancy camera work

On Sunday night we went to Tom & Shauna's place for an AWESOME BBQ! The food was amazing and the company even better.

Kids playing in the back yard
Hello Moxie

Stay tuned for a special post called "Calaway Park - The Moustache"

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