Thursday, August 22, 2013

Elk Island Park

On Sunday afternoon we met Mike & Megan and baby Aubrey at Elk Island Park for a walk, picnic and playing in the park.  It was the first time I have ever been to Elk Island Park.  It was beautiful.  We even came across a huge herd of bison.

 Uncle Mike and the kids
 Family shot (minus Chrissy - she was taking the picture) looking over one of the beautiful lakes in the park
 Laughing. She is so cute!
 On our walk
 One of the lakes
 Gallitown boyz
 Zach and I making Aubrey giggle
 Easy Uncle B, looks like you're squishing your niece! haha
 A couple of coyotes
 They were just little guys
 A herd of bison
 A big guy
 Abs and the herd
 One of the bison sticking his tongue out at us
 Mum, Zachy and the herd
 The herd
 The three munchkins
 Uncle Mikey with the kiddies
 Abby and Aubs
 Zach on the swings
 Aubrey swinging
 Abby doing the monkey bars
 I am amazed at how well she does these things.  I can barely hold myself up
 Auntie Chrissy and baby Aubrey
 Watching the kids playing at the park
 A baby bison
Abs and I with the herd of bison behind us

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Grammee said...

I went there when I was little too. I always loved seeing the buffalo. I can see that my grand kids do too.