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Penticton Vacation Part 3 of 3

This is the final Penticton Post.  Sorry that there are a lot of pictures but there were just so many good ones I wanted to share.
So...where were we?  ah yes, back at the beach!

Ally buried in the sand by Erica and Abs
Sand up the nose! sand up the nose!
Ian came and helped bury Abs
Big sandy smile
A nice shot of Mama and boy having a snack
And then there's Syd! Love it!
Smiles form Erica and Sydney
Abby digging some big holes
Time to bury Ian
All the kids needed to help out
On Tuesday we went to Fairview Mountain for our Annual Gallimore vs Honeychurch match.  The Gallimores won!  Pa and I beat up on Al and Steve.  Great course, great golf and great company!
The Honeychurchs
Steve taking a wild swing on the Par 3 6th hole at Fairview Mountain
Al about to hit
The Gallimores (Al & Steve! How did you let these 2 guys beat you???)
Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore throwing darts
The Walrus in fine form
Back to the campground
Little Tommy
Abs just adores Little Tommy
I think this is a little glimpse of the future when Abs and Ally are babysitting the rest of the crew! Those girls are growing up WAY too fast!
On Tuesday evening we went for a big Family dinner to Salty's on Lake Okanogan.  After dinner we took a bunch of Family pictures on the beach.
Zach having a Pina Coloda at Salty's
Abs having a Strawberry Margarita
Diva Syd and her Uncle B
Family picture time
The Russell Family looking awesome.  This was after...
This. hahaha frustration trying to get Syd to smile AND keep her dress down! haha
My beautiful nieces, Syd and Ally
What a great group of kids.  I love them all so much!
My awesome kids!
Gallitown looking good
Grammee and Grandad with their grandkids
The whole gang
Chrissy with Shauna, Little Tommy and Abs.
I didn't get a family pic of the Ginns because I was taking shots of them with their camera :(
Me and my beautiful wife
I love this picture with lake Okanogan in the background
I love this pic too.  Body slamming Big Eddie
Back to the campground
Chrissy watching Little Tommy for a bit
me and my little buddy
More beach time
A great smile from little Tommy
Syd and Zachy floating
All 4 kids playing in the lake
Abs swimming
Big and Little Tommy playing
Zachy with his goggles
He looks like he's a professional swimmer!
Abs rocking the goggles
On Thursday I played my last round at Twin Lakes for the year with Pa and Chrissy
Walrus and Big Dawg over looking Hole one and ten
One of my favorite annual pictures
The Walrus admiring his tee shot on 10.
Back to the beach
Here's a Ginn family photo :)
Alyssa Marie
Tommy with his big beautiful eyes
Looking for trouble mister?
Love this girl
Digging in the sand
Chrissy relaxing in the water
Dancing for Uncle B
Think she's ready to pose for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition? I THINK SO!
Love this lady!
Ally and her Auntie Chrissy floating
Syd and her Big Daddy
Best Buds
Tom and Shauna relaxing at the edge of the water
Best Buds again
Zachy and I building sand castles
zachy swimming for his Dad
Having a blast
Little Tommy snuggled in to Mama
A great pic of Steve and Sue
I love this pic.  Ally looks like she is up to no good
Uncle throwing Zachy off the dock
Well, Zach didn't like that too much so he got to push Uncle off the dock
Ally wanted in on the action! Hilarious!
I'm Free
Gonna get ya Dad
Focus Tom, Focus!
Oh No! Didn't get all the way around on that triple flip double axle pike...
I guess your back hurts! Poor Tom!
Abs getting pumped up to jump in
What a good looking guy???
Ally just loved jumping off the dock
Finally convinced Abby to jump!  Atta girl!
Swimming back to the beach with Daddy
Big and Little Tom ready for dinner
One thing we love doing in Penticton is going down the cannel.  It runs from Lake Okanogan to lake Skaha.  The entire length of Penticton.  It takes just over an hour to do and is so much fun!  The kids just love letting the current take them down the cannel.
Daddy and Zachy floating
The gang
Uncle Steve! Catch up!
Zach and Mum
Me and Big Eddie, as Zach would say, winning the race!
Abs in the boat with Cordell
Tom and Chrissy floating
Ally swimming amongst the floaties
So...we started feeding the ducks...
Oh Geez...
Abs sitting with Pam and Erica
Cordell goofing off
Zach and dad still winning the race
Ian and his dad Kevin diving for interesting things at the bottom of the Cannel.  They found tires, hats, shorts, a Kettle, cans, bottles, money, and more
Floating with my girl
The geese found out we were feeding the ducks and wanted in on that action
Erica swimming with the Geese
Abs floating with her dad
This was one aggressive duck!
Zach taking a rest and having a snack
The Russells, minus Syd (She was napping)
Mum and Abs
After a long day it was time to go back to the trailer for a snack
Abby! Did you REALLY just take a picture of me after my shower? ANd BRIAN! Did you REALLY just post this on the blog?  OH YEAH!  Hi Five Abs!
Daddy, say cheese
A few more beach pics
Abs floating with Grammee
The sand Castle Ally and Zachy built
Abs chatting with Grammee and Grandad
G smiling for the camera
I love this swimsuit and this girl.
Abby taking a picture of me taking a picture of her
Zach playing with his boats
Syd shooting Ian with her water gun and...
Down he goes
Abs swimming
Last night.  Abby took her Mum down to the dock in the campground for some quality time
Looking good girls
Underneath a nice tree by the dock
Looking good Abs
I'm this tall
And while the girls were bonding, Zach & Ally were riding their hogs!
How fast can you guys go?
Atta boy Zach! Put the pedal to the metal!
Good job Ally!  Let's see a burn out!
More twins pics
Cool girls
And finally, the last pic from Penticton 2013.  It is a sad, but kinda funny pic.  On the way home Steve and Sue blew a tire on their trailer.  We stopped to help them change the tire and just as we stop Abby pukes all over the truck.  So Chrissy cleans up puke while we change the tire and fix up Steve's trailer.  I am happy to say all is good, trailer and Abby are just fine!
Steve with his duct taped up trailer!!!
What a fantastic 2 weeks! The weather was amazing and we got to have a lot of fun relaxing and playing in the Okanogan.  Only 339 days till Penticton 2014
Stay tuned for pics from Calaway Park...

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