Friday, August 02, 2013

Penticton Vacation Part 2 of 3

Our Penticton Vacation continues...with...TACO IN A BAG!!!

People were saying I looked half cut in this picture...ok...maybe...haha
Back to Tickleberries for the two Supermen to eat their ice cream
As most of you know golfing is a big part of our vacation.  we play Twin lakes Golf Course just outside of Penticton.
Steve showing off his Sponge Bob Square Pants Golf Ball
He wanted to make sure the student who gave him the ball saw that he actually used it (AND HE DID!!!)
A good looking swing from Chrissy
Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell watching one of his beautiful tee shots
My wife and I over looking the 1st & 10th holes
We get an annual picture done here every year.  I absolutely love these pictures!!!
Looking good Walrus
Chrissy on the 16th hole with the sun beating down on her.
Back to the Beach...
Crazy Cordell and Zachy
Nice goggles Zach!
Looking good Baywatch!
Alyssa jumping off the dock to Daddy
Abs jumping into Uncles arms.  By the end of the week the kids were jumping off with no help from the adults!
Super Abby
Great Jump Ally
A great smile
Oh Oh. Grandad has grabbed the Killer Whale to go after Susan
And the hunt begins
getting closer...
going in for the kill...
Oh the humanity...
Grandad and Willie triumph
Back to the campground for more fun with Cousin Chloe
yes, those are Nerf darts stuck to their heads...don't ask...haha
More beach time
Floating with Zachy
Sue with Abs and Ally
Thumbs up
Surfing Ally
Nice morning smile from Abs
Trying to surf!  You can do it Ally!
A cool picture of Abby from under the water
Abs surfing with her Big Daddy
a Bubbly G
The girls floating
Another cool pic from under the water
Grandad helping Ally ride Willie
Two cool dudes
Mom and Daughter time
The boy and his Dad
This is a great pic of me getting splashed by Big Eddie
Crazy Syd
Zachy digging a big hole
On Saturday night we went to the Penticton Speedway for their "Eve of Destruction".  Basically you have to hit the guy in front of you to pass.  Hilarious and lots of fun!
A Young Guns Car and trailer before the race...
and the trailer after the race. demolished!
Zach ready to watch the races
Cordell with Zach pumped for the next race!
Back to the beach
Uncle Tom playing with Little Tommy's new Batmobile Floaty
Papa John and Abby having some fun in the water
Ian with a cool underwater pic
Ian with his surf board
On Monday we took the kids and Grammee and Grandad to St. Andrews by the Lake Golf Course to play 9 holes with the kids.  It is a small executive Par 32 course.  beautiful.  the kids did awesome and impressed their Grandad with their golfing skills (I think the driving range work prior to Penticton paid off!)
Looking like a true golfer Abs
Ready to roll
Daddy helping Zach set up
Abby taking a big swing with Daddy watching
Daddy and his golfing girl
I LOVE this picture!  I hope it is the first of many!!!!
Abs with Grammee
Grandad and Zach relaxing in the cart
Grandad helping Zach set up on the tee
Big swing Zach! Look at the ball go!
"Here's my tee Grandad"
Abs wanted to put her own tee in! awesome!
Good looking swing Abby!
Boom! Nailed it!
The kids waiting with Grandad to tee off
Looking swing from Chrissy
Grammee was just smoking the ball!
Boyz cart
Grammee with the sun beating down on her (It was hot that day!)
A selfy
When you got to got to go!!!
My perfect kids
I love this picture...I can't tell you how much fun it was to have my kids out their golfing with me!
My beautiful wife in front of the par 3 seventh hole.  An Island green!!!
Grammee in front of the 7th Island Green
Mum and Abs
Girlz cart
Abs watching Zach putt
Walking up to take his shot...
And then flying around the green excited because he nailed the putt!!!  Poor Abby is trying to putt Zach! haha
Riding with Dad in the Cart
Grammee teaching Abs how to hit out of the sand
The Gallimore clan after golf.  What a great afternoon!
And remember to always shake hands after the round :)
Stay tuned for Penticton Vacation Part 3 of 3.  Will be after the long weekend (We're heading to Calaway Park later today)

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