Thursday, August 15, 2013

"The Moustache"

Crazy Uncle Steve started doing "The Moustache" in pictures at Calaway Park and it caught on pretty fast!  Some great pictures of "The Moustache" below starting off with the ultimate roller coaster Moustache!!!

The Roller coaster Moustache
 swing stash
 Free Fallin stash
 The girls getting in on "The Moustache"
 the serious stash
 The mean stash
 The happy stash
 Carousel stash
 A beautiful stash
 Egg Stash
 Syd even got the stash going
 Everyone doing "The Moustache" on Free Fallin
 I LOVE this Moustache
 The excited stash
 The focused stash
 The double moustache
 The bumper car stash
 What a good looking Moustache
 My girl's stash
 The Russell Moustache


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