Monday, September 23, 2013

Lake Louise

This past weekend Chrissy and I had a blast at Caryn Petersen's wedding in Lake Louise.  What a beautiful spot to get married. After the ceremony Chrissy and went out walking around the lake and took some nice pictures.

 The bride and groom taking some pictures out in front of the hotel
 Isn't my wife cute?
 Lake Louise
 Man I'm a stud! hahaha
 A selfy in front of the lake
 Bear Country
 Another shot in front of the lake
 The sun peeking through the trees
 Chateau Lake Louise
 A nice pic
 What a good looking couple
 Stream waterfall
 We walked quite a ways around the lake
 Big B with the chateau in the background
  My beautiful wife!
 Another selfy in front of the lake
 The water was COLD!
  All dressed up for the wedding. Man, my wife is Smokin'
 Chrissy with the beautiful bride, Caryn Petersen, and her awesome son Ryder
 Chrisy and I with our parents
Anne and I didn't want the picture taking to end haha

A quick shout out to Tom and Shauna who took care of Abs and Zach while we were at the wedding.  It was so nice not having to worry about the kids and just relax and enjoy the evening! Thanks again!

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