Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Abby and Zach's Birthday Part - Part 3 of 3 - The After Party

After the kids party we went back to our place for the After Party.  We had family come over to celebrate with the kids.  We even had a visit from Toronto while cake was being handed out.

Uncle Ian reading to Syd
Auntie Megs and Abs hanging out. Ally was being camera shy. Silly girl!
Big Zach in a familiar place on his Car Mat
Grandad telling a story
Stevie giving me a weird look
Auntie Megan and Uncle Mike
Syd giving Uncle b a look while Auntie Sue gives the camera a nice smile.
There's a great smile from Grammee and Sydney
The Gallitown Boyz
Ally & Abs playing "Guess Who"
My little buddy Aubrey
Two cakes at once
Getting ready to blow out candles
Zachy blowing out his candles
Grandpa, Granny, Great Grandad and Great Granny joined us via Facetime from Toronto.  It is pretty cool the technology we have so everyone can share in a special day!!!
The Eastern Grandparents watching the kids blow out their candles on the cake
There they are!!!
Chrissy feeding her Dad a cupcake
Grandpa making Aubrey laugh
So awesome watching Aubs giggle at Granny and Grandpa
Awesome picture
Syd chatting with Granny and Grampish
Abby reading a card made by her cousin Ally
Hugs from Syd
Ally explaining the art in her card
Abby getting a fairy book
And a Duck Dynasty shirt.  She was pumped!
Zach reading his card
Not sure why Aubrey is upset but Grammee sure knows how to smile! haha
A monster hoodie from Auntie Sue and Uncle Steve
His mean monster hoodie. He likes this hoodie so much that I caught him after he was put to bed trying to put the hoodie on to sleep in. haha
Abs got a watch from Uncle Mike and Auntie Megan!  She was PUMPED!!!
Looks like Grandad has a friend
I love this picture.  What a suck Bear is!!!
Zach was doing this face as a joke!  He absolutely loved the Truck he got from Auntie Megan and Uncle Mike
Cousin Abby and Aubrey in their matching dresses
So cute
Abby!  You are growing up to fast!
Great picture!  These two are going to be buddies as they grow up together!

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