Monday, October 28, 2013

Abby and Zach's Birthday Party - Part 1 of 3

On Saturday we celebrated Abby's 7th and Zach's 5th birthdays at the Salto Gymnastics club.  The kids had a blast and we had so much fun watching them!  Here are some pictures from the gymnastics floor.  I will update again with pictures from the party room and then later with family at home.

 Getting instructions
 The two coaches did an amazing job with the kids!
 Zach and Kordell warming up
 Ava warming up
 Abs stretching
 Abby F and Ashlynn streching
 Auntie Megs and a goofy looking Uncle Ian watching the kids
 Zach falling backwards on the mat
 Kordell getting some help from the coach
 Pria falling backwards
 Zach and Kordell doing log rolls
 Cera leading the Innes, Pria and Ainsley
 Following the leader
 The beautiful birthday girl
 Abs rocking
 And rolling
 Kordell rocking
 Nate rocking
 Cera rocking
 Innes rocking
 Kassidy falling backwards
 Emma waiting her turn
 Jacob rocking
 Zach going in head first
 Ally doing a log roll
 Abs coming out of the tunnel
 Ally saying peek a boo
 The entire crew going through each activity
 Pria balancing
 Followed by Ainsley
 Jump Zachy boy
 What a goofball
 Cera balancing
 Zachy falling backwards
 Ally hitting the mat
 Ta Da
 Water line
 The girls, from left to right: Ainsley, Pria, Ally, Kassidy, Emma, Ava, Abby F., Innis, Ashlynn, Cera and my girl Abby G
 The boys, from left to right: Nolan, Kordell, Kevin, Nate and Jacob (Zach was on the equipment)
 Zach climbing the rope
 With a little help from his Mum
 Zach watching Nolan climb the wall
 Kordell swinging on the rings
 Zachy up high
 Jacob moving and grooving
 Abby F on the balance beam
 Easy for Emma
 The girls listening to instructions from the coach
 Zach balancing
 Kevin crossing the balance beam
 Great job Kordell
 My girl at the top of the rope. This still freaks me out when she goes to the top!
 What and awesome smile!
 Abs friends watching close
 Cera on her way up
 The little monkey reached the top
 The girls
 Abs eyeing the ropes again
 Here's Ryan
 Coach telling the kids it's time for free play
 Zach on the trampoline
 Ready and...

Here's a video of Zachy jumping into the pit

Pria flying high
 Auntie Megs and Ally in the pit
 Abby doing a back-flip into the pit
 Emma getting ready to jump
 Kevin jumping around
 Emma with her hair flying crazy
 Cool picture
 Abby F. with a big jump
 Kordell jumping on the trampoline
 Look how high he got. cool picture

The kids were having so much fun jumping into the pit that I wanted to give it a go!
It was a lot of fun but really hard to get out of!
 I got a little stuck in the pit!
Time for the birthday bumps
Here's video of Zach's birthday bumps
And Abby's birthday bumps

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