Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Abby & Zach's Birthday Party - 2 of 3

After the kids had fun playing in the gym we came back into the party room for cake and presents.

 The boyz
 The girlz
 Zach opening up presents
 Daddy reading his card for him
 He sure loves LEGO!!!
 Mum and Auntie Sue starting the singing of "Happy Birthday" for Abs
 Sweet Cake
 Blowing out her candles
 Lots of candles now that she's 7
 The boys checking out what Zach got
 The girls eating their cupcakes
 I Love It
 Hugs from Kevin
 All the kids at the party table
 Zach's Spiderman Cake
 Big smiles from the birthday boy
 Singing "Happy Birthday" to Zach
 Blowing out his 5 candles
The girls watching Abs open her presents
Watching Abby
Opening presents with Mum
Reading a card
Jacob eating cake
Nolan eating cake
Kordell eating cake
Big Zach eating his cupcake
Nate enjoying his cupcake
Kevin loving his cupcake
Auntie Sue making sure the boys stay in line

After Cupcakes we played graveyard. Kept the kids quiet and still for...well...not that long :)
 Kevin cheating trying to wake up Nolan
 Kordell lying still
 The girls were good.  Here's Abby trying to get Abby F to crack
 Ryan, Pria and Kassidy lying still
 Cera, Innis and Emma nice and quiet
 Ava being sneaky hiding under the table
 Kevin making the rounds trying to make people smile
 The girls playing
   Nice picture Burgess'
 Took a break to take a mass group picture.
Girls from left to right: Pria, Ryan, Ainsley, Ally, Abby F., Abby G., Cera, Innis, Ava, Kassidy, Ashlynn and Emma on the floor
Boys from left to right: Nate, Jacob, Kordell, Nolan, Zach, Kevin
 Abby not moving or smiling
 Innis and Ryan standing still
 Charlie's Angels? Cera, Abs and Ava
 Power stance by the boy
 Ally not cracking
 The girls finally get Abby F. to crack
It took Uncle Ian sticking his foot in Ally's face to make her giggle.

Check back tomorrow for part 3 of 3 - The After Party

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