Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big Zach hits the ice

As most of you know Zach started ice hockey the first weekend in October.  He is doing awesome and having lots of fun.  He practices twice a week, once on Saturday and once on Sunday for an hour.  He will do this until early January when he will start playing games against other teams.  I am very happy that I chose to get on the ice with him and be an assistant coach.  I am having a blast with all the kids and there's nothing better than watching and helping your boy up close on the ice!  Here are a bunch of pictures and at the end there are a bunch of videos of him on the ice.

 Always smiling
 Getting up
 Peek a boo
 Here I am
 Warming up
 Atta boy
 Tripped over the blue line
 Helping encouraging him to get up
 Coach B telling the kids to drop to their knees at the Blue line
 Good job Zachy
 Jumping over the blue line!
 Getting all the kids sorted out
 Lining up getting ready for drills
 Zach ready to practice
 Smiles ready to go
 I LOVE this picture.  Grandad watching his Grandson on the ice. Priceless!!!
 Power stance
 Going around the pylons
 Chatting with his friends
 Hit the ice
 Zach scoring on the net with Coach B in the background helping out some other kids
 Always having fun
 I love the smiles
 Zach chatting with a Coach
 "My turn Coach"?
 Skating fast
 Go to the net
Abby goofing around while watching her little brother.  What a good big sister. Always there cheering her brother on!

Below are a few videos to give you an idea of what he is up to on the ice.  It's amazing how much the kids have improved in just one month.  The next videos I post a month down the road will be even better!!!

Warming up
Drill around the pylons and score
Stop at Pylon and then score
More stopping and scoring. Trying to score his Dad
Great skating Zach
Skating with Coach practising stopping and scoring
This is so tough on the kids but they did great. Zach is getting pulled by his friend Connor

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