Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Abby

A big Happy 7th Birthday to my beautiful girl Abigail Anne Gallimore.  We had such a great day celebrating with Abby.  We started at breakfast and celebrated all day long. What a great day!

 Making pancakes for breakfast
 Fooling around...Grrrrrrr
 Me and my girl
 Sweet "7" pancake
 Opening presents from Chrissy, Zach and I after breakfast
 Reading her card with Zachy keeping close watch
 Abby reading the card Zach made her
 Zachy watching his big Sister
 Abby got LEGO from Zachy
 Big hugs for Zach
 Opening more gifts

Here's a video of Abby opening up some gifts

 I think she liked the scooter we got her :)

Later in the day we had lunch with the Russell clan at Red Robin and celebrated some more

 Waiting for lunch
 A couple of pretty girls
 Little Syd and I
 Mum and her best boy
 Auntie and Uncle
 Abby loving the song the waiters and waitresses were singing to her for her birthday
 Getting ready to eat the birthday sundae

Later we went over to Grammee and Grandad's for an October Birthday bash.  We got to celebrate Syd, Steve, Abby and Zach's birthday.

 Syd snuggling with Uncle B
 The girls playing Barbies
 Grammee relaxing watching the kids
 Mum and Abs

Abby then took over the camera and took a few selfies

 Pretty girl
 Not sure
 Playing LEGO
 Grammee handing out presents
 Abby opening up presents
 Hugs for Grammee
 Auntie Chrissy and Syd playing
 Hugs for Auntie
 Hugs for Ally
 Zach helping Uncle read his cards
 Zach explaining what he was drawing on Uncle's card
 Zachy ready to open up some presents
 Abs watching
 Ally getting in on the action
 Zach got some sweet Ninja Turtle LEGO
 My beautiful niece Alyssa
 Nerf guns!!!
 Duck Dynasty shirt! SO COOL!!!
 Hugs for Ally
 And Auntie
 A big squeeze for Uncle
 And Grandad
 The October birthdays blowing out the candles on the cake
 Awesome chocolate log cake Grammee
 Eating cake
 Playing Nerfy guns
My birthday girl eating her cake

Happy birthday Abby!  Mom and Dad love you so much! We are so proud of you!

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