Friday, November 15, 2013

October/November Randoms

Below are a bunch of random pictures and a couple of videos from the end of October and beginning of November

 Zach got new Underwear for his birthday from Grammee and Grandad and decided to show them off :)
 Abby testing out the new scooter she got for her birthday
Here's a video of Abs going off the diving board at swimming lessons
 Zach and Abs ready for their friends to arrive at their party
 Auntie Megs Selfy
 Zach opening up gifts from Grammee & Grandads at Montana's
 Ninja Turtle car! Sweet!
 My Big Beef Bone. SO GOOD!
 And done! haha
 Abby selfy
 Grammee and Syd
 One excited boy about to get sung to
 Moose ears!!!
 Great picture. so cute.
Here's a video of Big Zach with the moose horns getting sung to at Montana's
 Blue fiery and Spider-man out Trick or Treating
 First visit was Grammee and Grandad's house
 Showing Grammee and Grandad their costumes
 The pumpkins at Gallitown.
 Chrissy and I at the Dixie Chicks Concert
 The kids in outfits they got a while ago from Grammee and Grandad.  The girls on cool bomber jackets and the boy in a NASA astronaut uniform
 Zach building the LEGO he got from Uncle Ian and Auntie Megs for his birthday
 All done! Very Cool!
 The kids relaxing together
 Skating at Millenium
 My 3 kids sorting their candy after Halloween
 Pa and I at church on Sunday. hehehe
 Trimming the tree Duck Dynasty style
 Zach with the Uncle Si cup
Abs with a picture of the Robertson boys.

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