Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tree Trimming, Big Eddie Hockey Update and Hanging with Annabelle

A few weeks ago we put up our Christmas decorations.  We love the Christmas season so we put the decorations up nice and early to enjoy!

 Grabbing decorations to put on the tree
 Zach putting an ornament on the tree
 Abby decorating
 Me and the kiddies all decked out in our Duck Dynasty shirts
 Mum putting an ornament on the tree
 A nice smile from Big Eddie
 My beautiful daughter
 Mum putting on the finishing touches
 What a good looking guy! hahaha
 Finishing up
 Big Poppa putting the Angel on top
 Gallitown's Christmas Tree

Here's a update on Zach's hockey progress.  He is starting to skate really well.  The kids are having fun and impressing me more and more each week.  All we have done are practices but the games start on Dec. 8th.  Below are some pictures and a few videos.

 Is that Taylor Hall?
 Listening to Coach
 Big smiles in line waiting his turn
 Sticking his tongue out at his Mama
 A pep talk from Coach daddy
A video of Zachy skating around
 Pumped up to push the nets
 Getting tired.  An hour is a pretty long practice for 5 year olds.
A video of Zach pushing the net
Another video of Eddie pushing the net
 The coaches making it tough on the boys
 Push boys push!!!
A short video of the kids pushing me
 Water time!

Saturday night we went over to Sue and Steve's to spend some time with them, Uncle Darrell, Auntie Courtney and Cousin Annabelle

 Mum and Zachy holding little Annabelle
 Zachy and Annabelle
 Pretty girls
 Annabelle doesn't look a thing like Courtney eh?
 Zach and Ally laying the beats on Uncle Darrell
 Auntie Courtney tickling Sydney
 Zachy with his Auntie Courtney

A few Uncle B and little Syd pictures for your viewing pleasure

 (I thought we were smiling)...but frowns
 Big Smiles
Uncle B and his beautiful niece baby Annabelle

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