Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013 Part 1

This will be the first of a few Christmas Posts.  These pictures are from before Christmas Day.

On Saturday the 15th Grandad and Grammee Gallimore took us all to Candy Cane Lane for a sleigh ride and to look at the lights.  We had such a great time on the sleigh ride.  So much fun!

 Me with my Mommy and Daddy
 Syd and I doing some selfies
 Tongues out
 Me and the twins
 More goofy faces
 The girls in front of our sleigh
 The kids in front of the awesome horses
 Stevie with his girls
 Me and my parents

We have been blessed to have a full house this Christmas.  Great Granny and Grandad Kelly from Toronto and Granny and Grandpa from Montreal have come.  It has been awesome having all the family together at a magical time of year!

 Abby reading to her Granny's
 Bear in heaven as Great Grandad pets her
 Zachy and Grandpa playing hockey
 Abby doing some selfies
 What a goofball
 Great Grandad holding his great grand daughter Aubrey for the first time ever! Love at first sight!
 The Kelly girls cuddling
 Great Grandad reading to his great grand daughters
 Aubrey entertaining her Great Grandparents
 Best Buds Abs and Grandpa
 Grandpa reading to the kiddies
 Time for SMASH CARS!!!
The 4 boys busy building their smash cars preparing for battle
Great Granny and Aubs reading the Target flyer

It has been a great Christmas season.  Chrissy and I have been able to take some time off to do things like this:

The kids making cookies with their Mama
Making all sorts of different shapes
Concentrating hard
Placing on the cookie sheet
Abby cutting out her cookie
Well done Abs
Placing on the cookie sheet
Aubrey sitting with Abs and I
More Smash Car fun
These two look like they are up to no good
Last Sunday Night Mike, Brian and I made "Japanese Village" for the family.  Teriyaki Steak and Chicken, Garlic Shrimp, Sauteed Mushrooms, Onions, Zucchini and Bean Sprouts. Served with a huge tub of rice and 4 bottles of sesame sauce! We had a blast making it and even more fun eating it.  Just sucked for the girls who had to clean all the dishes we used to make dinner! haha

On Christmas Eve we got all cleaned up and went to the Christmas Eve service at the Church.

My boy and I looking good.  We do clean up nice don't we?
My beautiful daughter and I
The two most beautiful girls in the world!
Perfection!  How did I get so lucky?
Gallitown.  Christmas Eve 2013
Great Picture.
My 2 awesome kids!
They are growing up too fast
Syd and I photo-bombed by Stevie at the Christmas Eve service Ha ha
Me and my beautiful nieces
Zach with his buddy Cordell. Two very good looking boys!!!
What goofballs!!!

After the service we came back to our place for lots of good eats and family time with Gallimore, Russell, Venables and Kelly families.

4 Generations of Kellys
Syd is SO funny!!!
What good looking kids! We are so blessed!
Great smiles from the kids!

Check back for more Christmas 2013 pictures and videos...

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