Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 Part 2

Christmas Post #2.  These pictures are from Christmas Day at Gallitown.  What a fantastic day.  Some great pictures capturing some great memories!

 A great smile running out to see if Santa came
 Huge smiles once they see he came
 Kids pumped to see what they got 

Here's a video of the kids coming out to see what they got from Santa

 Testing out his new Remote Controlled Monster Truck he got from Santa
 Reading a note they got from Santa
 Opening stockings
 Chrissy opening her stocking
 Big Poppa pumped to get some peanuts!
 A nice smile from my boy
 And girl
 Excited to open presents
 Got a Batcave from his Cousins
 Abs opening presents
 Zachy got Yakapov from his big Sis
 Hugs all around
 Abby was so excited to watch her Mum open her present she got from her
 A pink & purple Onesie
 Love It

After we opened a few presents we headed over to Grandads and Grammees for our Gallimore traditional breakfast.  Best breakfast of the year!!!!!!!!!!

 Grandad Bob with his older brother Grandad John
 Chrissy holding baby Annabelle while Stevie...well...uh...nice...
 What a cutie!
 Chrissy getting in some snuggle time
 The kids all over their Auntie Courtney
 Nice pose you goofballs!
 Ally doing a sweet handstand
 Syd and Auntie Lynn having a chat
 Love this picture.  Mr. Zach apparently didn't want to have his picture taken...but then...
 Now that's an awesome picture.
 What a great group of kids
 Big Zachy got in some snuggle time
 Me and my little buddy Syd Christmas style
 There we go
 Funny faces
 Me and my Man Zachary G
 Grandad George and Auntie Cynthia
 These two are crazy
 Ready to open some more gifts
 Chrissy getting some more snuggle time
 A big ball of Christmas Joy
 Opening up some gifts
 Awesome. Lucky kids!
 Big Thank Yous
 Zachy chatting with his Uncle John
 Abby doing a Teddy Bear stand
 Grammee getting some cuddle time

We then went back home to relax and then open more gifts Venables style

 Zach drawing for Great Grandad
 Mikey and his beautiful daughter Aubrey
 Great Granny and Grandad
 Baby Aubs
 Uncle Mikey playing the recorder out of his...that's right...nose!
 I love this picture
 Uncle Mikey singing Karaoke with Abby.  Very funny!
 Hmmmmmmmm  Wonder who taught him this? haha
 Another great picture.  Aubrey hanging with her Granny
 These 2 look like they're up to no good.
 Auntie Megan checking out the Karaoke machine
 Great Granny and Grandad enjoying watching all the kids playing
 Zachy playing with his new monster truck
 Great smile Aubs
 "Hello Leonard, do you like my bongos?"
 Time to wrestle
 Aubs getting big hugs from Granny
 Oh Oh
 Zach getting a Horsey ride from Grandpa
 Mum singing karaoke with Abby
 We tired out ol Dukey
 The kids cuddled up with Granny reading their new story written by a new famous author...Anne Venables

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