Saturday, December 21, 2013

Grandma's 85 Birthday Party

Today is my Grandma's 85th Birthday. We had a great time celebrating with Grandma.  Here are some pictures of the Party

 MacKenzie giving Zachy a hug
 My little buddy Syd
 Keith and his beautiful daughter MacKenzie
 Jonah and Ally with big smiles
 Logan with his Grandma Linda
 Lexi with her Momma Bethany
 Lexi with her Grandpa Barry
 Ma with her favorite Son-in-law Stevie
 Me and my Daddy (Doesn't her look impressed? haha)
 Zachy Boy with his Mum
 Cousin Cloe and the Gallitown girls
 Zachy and his Auntie Sue
 Bethany being silly with a sticker on her nose during craft time
 The Russell girls
 Keith getting a big kiss from his Auntie Fran
 Awwwww nice picture
 Jonah the Red Nosed Reindeer
 Uncle Barry doesn't like getting his picture I took more pictures...haha
 He's not impressed...
 There, I made him laugh...
 "Ok Uncle Barry...mean faces..."
 MacKenzie getting kisses from her Daddy
 Zachy working on his craft
 Logan relaxing
 All the Great Grandkids with their Great Grandma. From left to right:
Sydney, Chloe, Alyssa, Great Grandma, MacKenzie, Jonah, Alexis, Abigail, Logan and Zachary
 Funny faces with Great Grandma
 I think it's hilarious that Joe is giving Great Grandma the ol' bunny ears
 Uncle Jeff lighting the candles on Grandma's birthday cake
 I love the look on Grandma's face in this picture.  She sure loves her boy Jeffery John
 My beautiful Grandma
 Blowing out the candles
 Pa with his favorite Daughter-in-law
 Syd with her Mommy
 Zach eating his cupcake
 Big cupcake smile from Lexi
 My baby girl enjoying her cupcake
 Thumbs up dude
 Keith with half of his kids hehe
 "huh? What? Do I got something on my face? how embarrassing"
 Smiles from Syd and her Grammee
 Jeff and his baby girl Chloe
 Crazy ol' Uncle Keith
And I couldn't resist posting the picture I took up Keith's nose...hahaha...sorry...

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