Monday, December 23, 2013

Kids Church Christmas Concert

On Sunday the kids had their Church Christmas Concert.  They did an amazing job as you will see my the pictures and videos!!!

Zach with Ally and Cordell singing away
 Ally and Syd shakin' their maracas
  Big smiles from the kids while they sing
 The full group of kids

Here's a video of the kids singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

After the little ones performed the big kids out on a Christmas play celebrating different countries from around the world.  Zachy and Ally were Mary and Joseph and sat on the stage the whole production.  They did such an awesome job and were the cutest Mary and Joseph you ever did see!

 Getting a little bored haha
 Sitting nicely

Then it was time for Abby's class to present their song from China.  They looked so good in their outfits and sang so well.  Very Proud!!!

 My little Chinese daughter haha
 Singing away
 Her class looking good!

Here's a video of Abby's class singing their Chinese Christmas Song.  They did so awesome!

 Zachy and Ally still sitting looking good
 Then all the kids gathered around the manger
 Little Syd came in as an Angel!!!
 Abby signing the closing song
 Belting it out!
 She did so well
 Great job Abby!
 More kids gathering around the manger scene
 So cute!
 Awesome picture.  What great kids our church has!!!
What a beautiful daughter I have!

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