Friday, December 27, 2013

Playing Hockey in Front of 3 Grandfathers

It's not very often you get the chance but Zach was blessed last Sunday morning to have 3 of his Grandfathers watching him play hockey.  His Great Grandad Kelly from Toronto, his Grandpa Venables from Montreal and his Grandad Gallimore from Sherwood Park.  It was pretty cool and Zach played his best game yet trying to impress them...kinda...see below haha

 Zach playing goalie.  He LOVES to play in net!
 A played on the other team (A girl) chatting with Zach while the puck is at the other end of the ice.
 She was trying to distract him I think...
 Because as the play came back up the ice...
 She scores on him!!!  haha  The things boys will do for girls!!!!
 Assistant Coach Gallimore
 Cheering the kids on.  Man I look intense!  Initiation 1 hockey is hard core. haha
 Manning the goal
 Zach taking the face-off
 He loves taking the face-off
 Grandad and Grandpa watching their boy play
 I love this picture.  Both got their Tim's.  Both so proud of their Grandson. Awesome.
 Great Grandad watching the play at ice level
 He's back in net
 Covering the post
 Great Grandad watching Zachy
 Great picture of Great Grandad watching Zach play goal
 Time to rest
Gallimore #22
 A funny face for Mum
That's my boy!

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