Sunday, December 08, 2013

Saturday Practice, Playing at the Kings Game and Zach's First Hockey Game

Zach has had a big weekend on the ice. First a practice Saturday followed by playing in the intermission of the top tiered girls hockey team in Sherwood Park.  Then the first real game of his life this morning.  Very proud of you Zachy boy!  Here are some pictures and videos from the weekend.

 Zach at practice
 Taking the puck around a pylon in a drill
 Getting instructions from Coach Andrew
 Zachary Edward Gallimore #22
 Some of the boys listening to Coach
 Playing attention! Good to see!

Then right after practice we went over to the Sherwood Park Shell arena to play in the first & second intermissions.  It was KINGS day in Sherwood Park and there was a big Hockey Tournament going on.  The boys wore KINGS jerseys and as they went on the ice they got to give the girls High Fives!  These girls are the best girls hockey players in Sherwood Park and boy are they good!!! (Abby loved watching them!)

 Zach was #15 and here he is giving the girls high fives
 #15 Green
 Warming up
 Chasing the puck
 Playing goalie (He loves playing net)
 Chatting with his buddies
 Ready at the face-off

This morning Zach played his first hockey game ever.  He had lots of fun (although he got hit by some big players and he wasn't happy about that).  
 He told me he was stretching
 Big Smiles
 More smiles
 Getting ready to play
 Going after the puck
 A little Pack mentality
 Skating fast

A Good Back Check

 Diving to get the puck (He does that a lot)

Diving for the puck

 Playing Defense just like his Daddy
 Water break
 Lining up for the face-off
 Battling for the puck
 Get it Zach
 That's my boy!
 Zach loves playing goalie and I must say he's pretty good at it
 Getting a pat on the head from his Daddy
Focused and ready for a shot

Zach tending the net

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