Saturday, December 14, 2013

School Christmas Concert

Last night we went to the kids School Christmas Concert.  They did such an amazing job.  We were SO proud of them!  Below are some pictures and 3 videos from the concert.

 Posing in front of the tree before the concert
 Man my kids are good looking!
 My little Princess
 And my most handsome boy
 And goofy boy
Uncle Mike, Auntie Megan and Aubrey came to watch the concert.  Grammee and Grandad also came to watch the kids
 My beautiful niece Aubrey.  What a fantastic smile!
 Big Zach very excited
 Ok, Super excited
 All the kids filing in for the concert to begin
 Giddy with anticipation

Here's 2 videos of a Poem and Song Zach and the rest of the Kindergarten kids performed

5 Little Bells
Up On The House Top

Then it was Abby's turn

 My girl ready to roll
 A great smile. Standing by one of her good boy friends Will.
 A wave for Daddy
 Abby with a few of her classmates
 A little bored before she performed :)
 Ready to sing

Here is a video of the song Abby sang

Over the River and Through the Wood

 She is SO beautiful

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