Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hard Core Tobogganing

Yesterday afternoon we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go tobogganing with the Russells.

Zach sledding with his Mama
Abs and her Mum going down the hill
My little snow bunny
My kamikaze boy Big "No Fear" Zachy
Mum and her buddy Zach Attack
Here's a video of me going down the hill
What a cutie!
Here's a video of Daddy and Zachy going down the hill together
A Gallitown sandwich going down the hill
Ally taking a ride down the hill on her Uncle B's back
Ally and Abs going together.  Notice Syd pushing them down the hill.
Abs and Syd about to take a ride down the hill
Here's a video of Abs and Syd going down the hill together

And then the day went...downhill...sorry, couldn't help it.  Zach went down the hill with the jumps.  He went on his knees and I didn't stop him and, well, this is what happened...

Here's a video of Zach doing his face plant right into the jump.  

He got hurt pretty bad. Black eye, bit his tongue and  has a big cut on his bottom lip.

Poor old stick
Putting ice on his wounds.  His Mum took very good care of him!
He looks so out of it here.  Icing his wounds. 

I am pleased to say he is good to go.  Kids are tough!  He has a sweet shiner but he is back to normal running all over the house playing.

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