Monday, February 17, 2014

Hair Massacure 2014

As most of you know Zachary, Steve and I participated in the Hair Massacure again this year.  All 3 of us dyed our hair pink, raised money for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, Make-A-Wish® Northern Alberta and Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta, and the shaved our heads bald. A big thank you to all who donated.  We appreciate it SO much.  Our team, Big Zach and the Old Guys raised over $5,000 together.

Here are a bunch of pictures from hair dying and the Massacure.

 My Hair bleached getting ready to dye
 The before picture
 A nice shade of bright pink
 Nice pink side burns
 Bleaching.  Keep those eyes closed Zachy 
 Hey Blondie
 The pink goes in
 Playing on the phone waiting while the dye dries
 Playing around with Mum
 Abby being a great big sister cheering Zach on as he gets his hair dyed
 Wow! That's pink!
 This was at hockey one morning. My pink haired boy taking the ice!
 The Gallimore boys gone pink!

We then spent 3 and a 1/2 weeks raising money. All of our family friends and co-workers really stepped up and we were able to raise over $5,000. So proud of my boy!  If you asked him why his hair was pink he would reply "I'm raising money for sick kids"!

Time for the Massacure!!!

On Friday February 14th we went to West Edmonton Mall to get our heads shaved.  Gallitown, the Russells and even Grammee and Grandad came to support us.

 Getting ready to enter the event.  I love this picture!
 A little nervous energy
 Abby once again was a great cheerleader.  She even put some pink streaks in her hair to support the event!
 Team Big Zach and the Old Guys
 Goofing off! I love Steve's face in this pic!
   The boys checking in
Big Zach raised $2,080.  I am SO proud of him!!!
 Big Daddy and Zachy!  Well done boys!
 Uncle Jeff came down to support us as we shaved our heads! Zach loved seeing his big Uncle Jeff!
 Great Job Team Lead Steve!
 Over $5,000 raised for our team of 3!
 We even saw Spider-Man at the Massacure
 Kids posing with Spider-Man
 Syd was a little too scared to pose with Spider-Man
 Uncle Jeff, Gramme and Grandad up on the 2nd level cheering us on
 Ready to go. Lots of laughs
 And there it goes
 Daddy next to Zach
 Abby looking on with excitement
 Abby even got to shave some of my head
 She did a great job
 She may have a future in this?
 "What was that"?
 Team Big Zach and the Old Guys
 Mohawk time
 I kinda like this look
 Whoa! Stevie!
 I think the kids at school would love this look!!!
 Uncle Steve getting his head shaved.
 Abs and Ally taking pictures with my phone
 Getting there...
Bald is beautiful...right?
 All gone
 Changed my mind...just joking
  What a cutie
 Checking himself out without hair
 Love this picture. Giggles.
 Abby giving her brothers bald head a kiss
 Waving up at Grammee, Grandad and Uncle Jeff
 Looking good.
 Mini me?
 Taking some pictures courtesy of the Massacure
 Goofing around
 Tongues out!
  Great pic
 Proud of us.  We did good!
 Snacking on our treat heart shaped dilly bar from dairy queen.
What a good boy.

Once again, we had a great time and raised a bunch of money for a great cause.  Keep an eye out next year at this time as Big Zach and the Old Guys will probably be making a come back!

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