Monday, February 03, 2014

Random Pictures

Below are a bunch of random pictures from mid January until now.

 This is a panoramic shot at Dairy Queen celebrating Sue's birthday
 Me and my girl
 One day Zach came home from daycare with some pretty crazy hair!!!
Then it was transformed into Mr. Handsome
 This was my assistant coach one morning at hockey
 Building LEGO with my boy
 Zach and I went together to the Oilers Skills competition
 We went with Brad and his kids Jack and Katie.  Here we are waiting for the train.
 We also went with Dwight and his boy Josh.  Here are the 3 boys cheering on the Oilers
 Sitting with my boys at the competition
 Mum and Abs lunch
 Watching a movie at Auntie and Uncles. lots of fun.
 We went to an Oiler game together as a family. a Great night!
 My Oiler kids
 Hall and Ebs
 A Family shot in the Enmax zone
 My hair bleached for the pinking
 Pink for the Massacure
 Zach bleaching his hair
 Abs selfie
 Zach getting pinked
 Goofing around
 With Mum
  The Gallitown boys gone Pink
 Playing with a new toy he bought with his gift card from Auntie Jen and Uncle Adam
 Abby playing with her new toy
 Pumped for a big game in Calmar
  Stretching before the game
 The Blue Bullets Initiation 1 hockey
  Goofy pic
 Zach got his first goal and won game MVP on his Mum's birthday! Awesome day!
 The girls rainbow looming
 My Superbowl meal. Chili cheese dip and wings! Yum!

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Grammee said...

So fun to see the pictures all in a row like this.