Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Visit with the Ginns, Winter Challenge and Meet the Oilers

On the Family day long weekend the Ginns came for a visit.  It was great seeing Tom, Shauna and Little Tommy!  We had a blast playing, eating and enjoying each others company!

A couple of no shirt studs
Uncle B playing Foosball with Tommy
Tom being silly warming his hands over the toaster at Big Breakfast
The whole gang over for Family Big Breakfast
Abby and Tommy playing at Zach's hockey game
Great smiles
More stud pics
Ally showing off her rainbow loom skills
Abby just couldn't get enough of Little Tommy.  They loved playing together
A smile for Dad
My little buddy Sydney
The bald bothers
What beautiful big eyes!
Stevie and Tom laughing and solving all the worlds problems!
Mom and Tommy reading
Thinking about going up the stairs to explore
The girls Looming
My crazy Abby
My silly Ally
Syd doing a puzzle
Sue's first rainbow loom bracelet. So proud!!!
Me and my beautiful girl
Auntie Chrissy and little Tommy
Abby joins in the photo shoot
Here's Ally
Great pic of Ally and Auntie
I love this pic! Everyone sticking out their tongues
Zachy wants a pic with Mum
Besties? If Abby has here way they'd be inseparable!
Abs reading to Tommy
More playing
Little Tommy downing some Milk
Time to play some hockey with Zach
He shoots!
Tommy watching his big buddy Zach
Go get it!
Playing hard
The two had a blast playing hockey together

Below is a video that most of you have seen of the crazy winter challenge Facebook has going on.  It's of Steve and I being silly!

Last night, thanks to my Father and the Guarantee Company, we got to go to the "Meet the Oilers" event at Rexall place.  It was awesome!

The Oilers bracelet Abby made and Zach gave to Taylor Hall.  He was so good about it. I was very impressed!
Abby excited to get her pic taken with the players
Zach with Hall and Larsen in behind him
Me and my Oiler girl
Abs with Hall in behind her
Cool pic. my boy
Abs with Justin Schultz and Hendricks behind her
Picture with Martin Marincin and David Perron
Picture with Justin Schultz and Matt Hendricks
Zach with Taylor Hall and Philip Larsen
Picture with Taylor Hall and Philip Larsen
Abby and Chrissy with some cheerleaders
Picture with Boyd Gordon and Ben Scrivens

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