Friday, March 21, 2014

Abby's Last Gymnastics Class of the Winter Session

On Thursday night Abby had her last gymnastics class of the winter session.  She will start back up in a few weeks for the spring session.  She just completed her tan/bronze level and will be moving on.  It was fun watching her and her little friends learn.  They have improved so much! Great job Abby!

Below are a few pictures and videos from Thursday night.

Playing parachute games
Cera on the high bar
Abby on the high bar
Jumping into the pit
Half way down
Ryan swinging
Up high
Jumping again
Star jump
My beautiful daughter
Up on the high bar again
Another jump into the pit
Brace for impact
Hanging upside down
Natalie and Abby
Cera climbing to the top of the rope
Cera swinging
Cera balancing on the parallel bars
Abby's turn
Peace man!
Great balancing girls
A couple of cuties on the pommel horse
Ryan hanging upside down
Ryan, Abby, Cera and Amy after class
Crazy face picture
Abby and her bestie Cera
Star Jump
Buried in the pit
Hanging from the rings
Cera doing skin the cat

Here are a few videos from class on Thursday:

Abby Flip
Ryan Cartwheel
Abby Twist
Abby & Cera Flip
Abby Slide
Abby climbing the rope
Abby skin the cat

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