Saturday, April 19, 2014

Montreal Days 1-3

On Wednesday we took off on our annual trek to visit Granny and Grandpa.  We took off to Montreal bright and early (Thanks to Uncle Steve for driving us to the airport) and got to Montreal, via Toronto, in the early afternoon.

Me and the kids getting ready to take off
Abby loved the fluffy clouds out her window

On Thursday morning we awoke to the sound of Great Granny and Great Grandad.  They had arrived from Toronto to spend a few days with us.  We decided to head out for a walk along the St. Lawrence River and ended up finding a lighthouse and playing some soccer.

The kids in front of the lighthouse
Add Grandpa
And Granny
And Great Granny & Grandad
Great picture.  Abby and Zach are very lucky to have such awesome grandparents
Abby and her Grandpa with the St. Lawrence river in the background
Zachy pretending to fish.  He thought his Uncle Mike would like this picture
Chrissy and I. I love this picture!!!
We then found a field to play some soccer in
Granny booting the ball
The whole gang played
Bri in action
Even I was looking good out there
Trying to get around Great Grandad but it was tough!
Abby decided to head up a tree to watch
Zach and Grandpa chasing the ball
Grandad dribbling the ball
Zach in action
Great Granny booting the ball
A cool shot of Great Grandad with the lighthouse and St. Lawrence in the background
The soccer game
Having fun playing
Zach trying to stop Great Grandad
Zach loved playing with his Grandparents
3 Generations of Kellys. If I didn't know any better they'd be triplets!
Great shot of Zachy kicking the ball
Abs made it up the tree
She was pretty high up
Great balance
Abby getting in on the action
Chasing the ball
I wish I was this flexible! Huge Kick
Abs dribbling
Great shot with the lighthouse and St. Lawrence int he background
Another good action shot
The whole gang
Zach trying to get around Granny
Nice kick Granny
Get it Zach

After dinner we took a walk just around the corner from Granny's house to a playground.  The kids had some fun playing on the equipment

Almost at the top
My little climbing monkey
Queen of the castle
Zach climbing with Grandpa
Zach cruising
and sliding
and balancing
The kids riding a dinosaur
More balancing
And running...scaring her Dad...
Twisting and turning
Abs going across the monkey bars
Granny too
My handsome boy
Sliding trying to catch a ball from Grandpa
Will he catch it???
Nope. haha right off the head
Abby cruising through the park
On the chains
My beautiful girl
Come on Baby Abby.  Come down the slide to Mommy
Chrissy twisting her Dad. Great pick.  Bri is having so much fun!
Great Granny kicking the ball around
Zach kicking the ball to Great Grandad
Abby spinning Zachy. Another great action shot
Big Smiles
Balancing with Granny
Abby getting chased by a local boy
Abby and Daddy of these things weighs way more than the other! haha
Daddy testing out his balancing skills
Oh geez
I think Abby weighs more than me...hmmmmmm
Heading home.  A boy and his Great Grandad
I love these pictures
Chrissy and her Daddy

The next day we got up and this is how I found the munchkins and Grandpa

Shirtless wrestling

Later that day we went up Mount Royal to a look out.  A great view of the city!
 #mtlmoments #gallitown
 Montreal from Mount Royal
 The kids with the Montreal skyline in the background
 Add in Granny and Grandpa
 And Great Grandad and Great Granny
 The whole clan. I like this picture. Family.
 Another picture of the Montreal skyline

The grandparents went up to the chalet to warm up and I stayed outside with the kids.  They wanted to do a fashion show.

 Hands on hips
 My beautiful daughter
 More hands on hips
 Blowing a kiss (I taught her that!!! haha)
 Tongue out bending down
 Kneeling kissy face
 Work it
 Oh THIS is Chrissy's kid!!!
 Howling at the
 Great smiles
 Silly faces
 My best kids
 My beautiful wife
 I like this picture too.  I am so blessed!

We then went to check out Grandpa and Granny's new office in downtown Montreal

 On the 17th floor in Grandpa's office
 Zachy looking down at the street below
 Abby in Grandpa's chair
 Pretending to work
 Zachy and Grandpa in his office

After the tour we went to old Montreal and had a fantastic lunch at "Montreal Poutine".  My Smoked Meat Sandwich was amazing!

 Girls Table
 Boys table
 A bottle of Diet Coke and...
A Smoked Meat Sandwich with Poutine. I do believe I was in Heaven!

We had a great first 3 days.  Check back for more pics from our visit to Montreal.

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