Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Montreal-Ottawa Day 8 & 9

On day 8 we got home from NYC and spent some quality family time with the kids and Granny & Grandpa

 Kids playing memory
    Bri and I were watching an OT game and the girls went to bed early.  Came upstairs to Mum and boy snuggling.  Didn't have the heart to move them.

The next morning we got up and had a relaxing morning before going for lunch and driving to Ottawa

 Making cookies for the road trip with Granny
 My beautiful girl making delicious cookies
 Showing off his new NYC Ninja Turtles T-Shirt

We went to the Greenspot diner for lunch.

 Kids got their own table
 They did great. Very well behaved.
 Another smoked meat sandwich
  Me and my buddy chowing down
Mum and Dad
Hot Dogs and Frites
Road Trip!
Leaving Quebec and entering Ontario
Mmmmmmm Cookies

Just outside Ottawa, in Navan, a long time ago, Uncle Greg with the help of Great Grandpa and the rest of the Venables boys built a house.  They have since moved out but the house is still looking fantastic!

Hidden behind the trees
What a beautiful Home

We then got to Ottawa to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

Found the right place
Abby got a present from Great Grandma and Grandpa and went to work playing with it.
Abs with her Great Grandma Laura
Relaxing and chatting
Great Grandma got her munchkins
Nice smile for the girls. Zachy? Come on man!
A great pick of the kids with their Great Grandparents
Add in Chrissy and I
Then add in Granny and Grandpa
  The whole crew. I love there is a Venables picture in the background. Perfect.
A boy and his Momma

We then went to St. Hubert for a big Venables dinner.

Abby showing Great Grandma something on her ipod
Great Grandpa Ted, Brian, Keith, Uncle Greg, Abby, Great Grandma Laura, Granny, Auntie Sue, Graham, Zach and Grandpa

After dinner we went back to Uncle Greg's to relax and spend the night

The kids fell in love with all the dogs. Made us miss Duke and Bear a bunch.  This is Zach with Uncle Greg and Bella
Zachy and Bella
Sitting with my girl
Abs petting Alfie
Frankie, Graham's puppy, and Alfie playing with Zach
Zach and Abs playing with the pups
Frankie and Abby
Abs sitting with Frankie and Grandpa
Uncle Greg sitting with his boy Graham and Alfie.

Stay tuned for more pictures of our visit to Ottawa and our last day in Montreal

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