Friday, April 25, 2014

New York City Day 1

As most of you know via Facebook and just being around us lately Chrissy and I got the opportunity to go to New York City for 3 days while Granny and Grandpa watched the kids.  We had the most amazing time seeing all the sights of the concrete jungle.  There is so much to do there and we managed to get a lot in during our 3 days.  Here are a bunch of pictures from day one.

We left Montreal at 11am and landed in NYC at Noon

 In the terminal in Montreal excited to go
 Our bags being loaded onto the plane. (Note the Canada bag. That's mine. Well Steve's that I borrowed)
 Montreal from the plane
 Queens on the way in
 There was an awesome view of the Manhattan skyline...out the other side of the plane :(
This is Queens.
 Our first NYC Cab ride...Yowzar
 In the cab
Our first look at the Manhattan skyline

We stayed in the Sheraton Times Square.  Thanks to my Father for the accommodations.  They were perfect!

 A view from our hotel room
 Another look from our room

It was a gorgeous day so we went walking and headed to Rockefeller Center to see the sights

Radio City Music Hall
 Cop on a horse. Cool.
 NBC Studios

We then went to the Top of the Rock.  A great recommendation from friends.  The view was amazing and you are able to walk around 3 levels taking pictures from all directions. We took a ton of pictures up here as it is the perfect way to see all of Manhattan. Breath taking. Probably my favorite part of the 3 days so excuse all the pictures, but we just loved it up there.

 A view of Central Park
 The lake in Central Park
 Chrissy with Central Park in the background
 Me and the park
 The Carousal in Central Park
 The Park surrounded by the concrete jungle
 Cool dude
 The Hudson river behind the Northern side of the Island
 One of the many bridges over the Hudson River
 A view of the Eastern side of the Island
 The Empire State Building with the Statue of Liberty way in the background
 A close up of the Statue of Liberty
 Camera worked pretty good
 Another look of Lady Liberty
 The Western side of the Island
The Reservoir in Central Park
 The Central Park view was awesome.  Got us excited for our adventure we were going to take on day 2.
 A bridge over to Queens
 I like this picture because it show the 100's of condos and office towers surrounding Central Park
 A bridge over the Hudson River
 The Empire State Building int he foreground with the New World Trade Centre in the background
 The New World Trade Centre
 My girl taking some pictures
 Chris and the Empire State Building
 The top of one of the big advertising screens on Times Square
B and the Empire State Building
 Handsome no hat
 Lady Liberty
 Another close up of the lake where you can rent boats and fish in Central Park
 Using the "Vivid colors" setting on my camera
 The park
 Me and my girl in NYC
 The Manhattan skyline
 Another with the Empire State Building behind us
 Another selfy
 A good view of the skyline
 More selfies
 The Girl in front of the Empire
 Another selfy
 The park
Another selfy in from of the Park

We then played around with the panoramic setting on our phones and got some great pictures of the skyline

 West view of Manhattan and Central Park
 East view of Manhattan
Chrissy with the East view and the Empire State Building
 Same picture with the color settings changed
 B with the Empire State building behind him
Another one of my beautiful wife
 One last selfy
 This one was taken by one of the staff from the Top of the Rock.  Great picture.

We then went down to do some more exploring

 A look at the 30 Rockefeller Centre from the bottom
 The Fountain out front
 Selfy with the fountain and skating rink behind us
 Look way up
 The skating rink in front of Rockefeller Centre
 Another pic of the rink
 Sign out front
 My turn

Time for late lunch/dinner.  We found a great Italian deli. Delicious.

 My pizza was made from scratch and put in a wood burning oven.  One of the best pizzas I have ever eaten!
 Chrissy and her custom made wrap
 B and his pizza and yes, I did finish it! haha

After lunch we explored some more waking back to the hotel

 Chrissy in the M&M's store
 A quick look down Times Square
 Chrissy with Times Square in the background
 Busy. It truly is the city that never sleeps

That night we went to Broadway and saw Chicago. It was amazing! Sitting row 2 didn't hurt either :)

 At the Ambassador Theatre on Broadway
 B ready for the show
 Me and my girl out on the town
 Inside the theatre
 Chicago playbill
 Some pictures around the theatre
 The Cast
 Chrissy with her souvenir Chicago glass
 Ready for the show to begin
 Sitting row 2

The show was awesome. A great experience on Broadway.

After the show we walked to go grab a late night snack

 Passed by the Ed Sullivan Theatre which we would get a better look at on day 2.
 Late Show with David Letterman

We walked ti McGee's Pub.  We wanted to go here because it is the bar that inspired McLaren's Pub on the show How I Met Your Mother (One of our favorites)

 Me at McGee's Pub
 Some How I Met Your Mother Specials
 Is that me or Marshall in the booth? haha
 A picture of some of the Cast outside McGee's
One last selfy of the day with the cast of H.I.M.Y.M

Stay tuned for pictures from day 2 of NYC

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LilKittie said...

You look like you had a great time. I'm visiting NYC in August and I only have plane tickets and found a hotel deal on I'm now saving your post, because I think you saw a great amount of things in not so much time. I'm having a week and I'm going to try and see almost everything while walking, I want to experience the atmosphere of the city. Can you elaborate more about the HIMYM special? Did you visit the bar or what? I'm a big fan and I'd love to go there, even if just for a drink.