Saturday, April 26, 2014

New York City Day 2

On Day 2 Chrissy and I had a plan.  Central Park. David Letterman. Mets Game. 2 of the 3 weather dependent and I am pleased to say the day went perfectly!  First we walked over to central park to rent a tandem bike and explore the Park.

 At the South East Entrance to the Central Park

We went to the rental shop and they didn't have a tandem bike.  They said they had on at the 67th street location so we walked 7 blocks to get one.

 On the way we passed by Trump Tower
They gave a tandem bike and we were set to take off...until...I checked the brakes...which were ceased to exist. So individual bikes it is!
 Chrissy on her ride
 One of the many walking brides in the park
 The Central Park Carousal
 Cool dudes
 Me and my sweet ride
 One of the many lakes/ponds behind Chrissy
 What a great smile
 At the Central Park Reservoir
 A ton of Condos and office towers behind the Park
 A picture of a Mallard for my friend Buttercup
 What a good looking couple :)
 Taking a break during our 8.4 km bike ride around the entire Park
 More of the concrete jungle behind the reservoir
 Nice hair B. You been wearing a bike helmet or something?
 Pretty good pic
 Action shot
 Wait up
 Squirrel crossing.  This pic is for my friend the flying squirrel
 Selfy in the Park somewhere
 The lake with Manhattan in the background
 I love this picture. Peaceful.  Even though the park is extremely busy you can find quiet places.
 A look of Manhattan behind us
  Taking another break.  The ride was a lot harder than we anticipated
 Hydrate B! Hydrate! haha
 Chambers told us we must try the roasted nuts in Central Park.  She was right.  AMAZING!!!
 They were so good I got giddy
 Me in front of the lake

After our bike ride we dropped the bikes off and started heading back to the hotel through the Park to freshen up.  

 On one of the many walking paths

We may...ok...I may have been in a goofy mood so I decided to do some modelling

 Pretty good eh?
 This should be on the front of the next Central Park New Magazine hahaha

I may have convinced Chrissy to get in on the act...

 Work it
 One of the many horse and carriages you will see roaming the Park
 Back at the Carousal
 Oh Yeah!!!
 I love this pic. In Central Park. Baseball games being played behind her and behind that Manhattan.
 Mr. Muscles
 A nice one of B
 Almost out of the park.
 A nice walking bridge
 Under the bridge
 Me and my best friend

On the way back to the hotel we were hungry so I stopped and had my first mixed chicken Halal. It was SOOOOOOOOOO Good

 Waiting for my Halal

After lunch we freshened up and mosied down to the Ed Sullivan Theatre

Ready to go
   Out front ready to go see a live taping of the David Letterman Show 
 Letterman Selfy
 Getting excited
 Our tickets.  Guests we saw were Stephan Colbert, Robin Roberts and musical guest Kelis.

After we went through and got our tickets we were free to go and had to be back in hour for the taping

 Chrissy in front of Carnegie Hall
 B with a view down times square
 Chrissy in the middle of the street looking down Times Square
 Getting closer to the centre of Times Square
 Found the Hersey's store
 That is the biggest chocolate bar we have ever seen!
I wish it was actually full of chocolate sauce but it was just a piggy bank
 At the famous Hello Deli around the corner from the Ed Sullivan Theatre
 Big B down Times Square
 Amazing how busy it is at any time of day

The taping of the Letterman show was one of the highlights of our trip.  It was so cool seeing what goes on behind the scenes. A very cool experience

After the taping we quickly got changed and went to take our first NYC subway ride out to Queens to see the Mets play at Citifield.

 Ready to give it a go
 Subway Selfy
 We had to transfer halfway there. This station you can still see some of the skyline in Manhattan
Indoor Subway selfy
 Chrissy in front of Citifield
 Citifield selfy
 B in front of Citifield
 Got some great tickets for only $30 each. Covered seats in between home plate and first base
 A view of the field from our seats
 Our Mets collector cup
 Another view of the park
 A nice shot of home plate
 Best Hot dog with sauteed onions. Yes I am smiling and eating at the same time!
 Chrissy's dog and fries
 That's my girl!
 Baseball Selfy
 MLB's version of the Zamboni
 A cool panoramic pic with Chrissy
 One of the whole stadium
 Another home plate pic.
 A view of the multimedia centre.  Pretty cool.
It rained a bit during the game but with our sweet covered seats it was awesome.

Mets lost 3-0 but we still had a great time.

Stay tuned for pictures from day 3 of NYC

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