Sunday, April 27, 2014

New York City Day 3

On day 3 we got up and decided to spend the day doing some shopping and seeing the sights down Times Square

 6 1/2 Avenue.  Only in NYC. haha
 The Apple Store
 At FAO Schwartz
 Chrissy posing with a Toy Soldier out front.  You can actually get tours of the store from these guys.
 The largest toy store I have ever seen.

I LOVED The LEGO section:

 Wyldstyle and Emmet from the LEGO Movie
 A LEGO Toy Soldier
 My personal favorite, Batman
  So Cool
 Chris with the Statue of Liberty

There is a workshop whee you can make your own official Muppet
 The big Piano from the movie "BIG"
 Went to Macy's
 Old wooden escalators...kinda scary

Time for lunch. Another Irish Pub.

Pretty good eats.
 Spotted a Sally-Ann Thrift store truck

This is quite possibly the most famous stadium in the world

 Madison Square Garden
 Posing out front
 The NYR are pretty popular at this time of year

The sign was huge

We did some more walking and went into Toys R Us. Place was bigger than life!

There is a full sized Ferris wheel inside the store. Crazy!
 Pretty neat.
 A Panoramic of the front entrance of the store
 Star Wars

My kids personal favorite, a Minion

We then took a break and had a snack on the bleachers at the center of Times Square

 A busy Times Square during the day
 A Times Square selfy
 Daytime panoramic of Times Square
 The signage is huge
 A very cool place to experience

Then back to the hotel to freshen up.  We stayed at the Sheraton Times Square.  If you are looking for a place to stay when you visit I highly recommend it. Perfect location. Thanks Pa!!!!!

 Chrissy out front
 We decided on Fridays for dinner.  I know, I know. Mainstream but we don't have one here and we tried to get into a few other places but they were all booked up.  Our fault for leaving it until the last minute. That being said it was a great meal.
 My cute girlfriend

After dinner we went walking as we wanted to see Times Square at night with all the bright lights

 One Panoramic of the street lit up
 Another cool shot
 Chrissy with the bright lights surrounding her
 Selfy time
 The lights were amazing
 The city never sleeps. It's true! Everything is either open 24 hours or until at least 2am.
 Another great shot of the lights and busyness of the street

The light up billboards are very cool
 Even the McDonald's sign lit up

We then walked back to McGee's pub.  We liked this place.  A great way to relax and finish the evening off.

 The menu
Our booth.

Stay tuned for pictures from day 4 of NYC

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