Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ottawa-Montreal Day 10 & 11

On Saturday Morning we got up and spent some time relaxing at Uncle Greg and Auntie Sue's house.  We put together Zach's LEGO that he got from his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

Playing LEGO
Mum working on the tow truck
Zach working on the "No Roof Car"
Abby sporting her new NYC Shirt
Chrissy cuddling with Bella
Hanging out with Alfie
Bella/Chrissy Selfy
Zach playing with the pups
Abs and Alfie
She sure loved these pups.  A little different than her 100 pound dogs back home :)
Zach got a new Toque from Great Grandpa
Great Grandma/Chrissy selfy
Great Grandma and her little boy.
Chrissy was into selfies this day! haha  Here she is with Her Grandpa
Brunch at Uncle Greg and Auntie Sue's house. Delicious

Zach started talking the big talk.  He wanted to kick some butt and wrestle with his Uncle Keith and Uncle Graham

Pouncing on Keith
Check out the muscles on Big Eddie
Uncle Graham got in on the action
Full on brawl Abby refereeing
I think Zachy's out numbered
Uncle Graham pinning Zach
Zach pinning Graham
 Abby helping out Zachy
Whew...what a battle

Time for some quiet time back downstairs

Playing cars
Like Father, Like Son
Alfie playing with Bri
Uncle Keith playing Hotwheels with Zachy
Frankie wanted to play cars
Lining the cars up
Chrissy, Abby, Granny and Catherine (Graham's girlfriend) chatting away
Bri loved the pups
Little baby Bella
Abby, Uncle Keith and Zachy playing a little game Abs made up
The cutest little puppy ever - Frankie!
Bella snoozing
Catherine, Graham and Uncle Greg
The Venables Girls. Abs, Chrissy and Great Grandma
Abby and her Great Grandma
Chrissy and her little buddy Frankie
Zach showing Uncle Keith something on the iPhone

It was then time to head back to Montreal.

Grandpa and Zachy at Tim's
The Triplets
Big B Selfy
Back in Quebec
Mum and Daughter
Abby Photo Bomb! Hilarious!
Pretty tuckered out.  Must have been all that wrestling with the Venables boys was time to go...

We had a fantastic vacation and spent some awesome time with family!
Heading into the airport
Ready to head home
Watchin' a movie
Stuck in Big Boy row with a TV that didn't!
Airport Selfy
My beautiful daughter
My goofball son and his best buds Sydney and Winston

That's it for our vacation pictures. Check back soon for more pictures of Gallitown.

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