Saturday, April 05, 2014

Random Pictures and Videos of Singing at Daycare

Below are a bunch of random pictures and videos from the last few weeks.
Big Eddie in his TMNT snuggie, dinosaur slippers eating bedtime snack trying to find Waldo
 Abby's new gymnastics outfit
 Playing together at golftown
 At a movie with my Mommy and Daddy
 Abby getting her new glasses

Last Sunday we got to go to the Oiler Game

 Gallitown at the game
 Me and my girl
 What a cutie
 Mr. Puckhead sat beside us
 Oh, it was Zach
 Eddie and his Mum...and Abby's "peace" fingers
 Showing off the loot they got at the game thanks to Grandad and the Guarantee Company's Oiler Dollars

On Thursday we went over to Mike and Megan's for dinner.  Below the cutest Blue Jay fan you will ever see!
 My beautiful niece Aubrey
 What a perfect smile!

On Friday, at daycare, in Zach's room, they had a talent show.  Since none of the kids wanted to do anything by themselves they all sang a couple of songs together.  Pretty cute.  The verses were pretty quiet but they belt it out at the chorus!!! Pictures and Videos below.

 The Jungle Cats room ready to sing
Stop Right Now
Let it Go

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