Friday, May 30, 2014

Abby's School Spring Concert

On Thursday I had the pleasure of going back to Mills Haven Elementary to watch Abby in her spring concert.  She sang so beautifully and I was SO proud!  I was fun watching her and her friends perform!  Below are a few pictures and 6 videos of Abby's concert.

 A look for Daddy
What a beautiful smile
 Abby's good friend Ava
 Some of Abby's class
 Abby F and Ava
 Abby's friend Emma
 Abby's friend Alyssa and Innes.  Her buddy Will is in front looking a little frustrated! lol
 Circle song
 Getting ready to dosey doe with Jenna
 Getting ready for a circle song with a cannon
 The other circle
 Listening closely to the teacher
 Abby's buddy Mason
 Sitting beside Hayden
  Quincey, Tyler and Robert
 The class singing campfire songs
Kaydyn and Elzion
 Page, Emma and Korian
 Mason and Jenna sitting in front of Abs
 What an awesome singer you are Abs!

Below are 6 videos of some of the songs Abby sang at her concert:

"I'se the b'y"
"A Sailor went to Sea"
"Circle Round the Zero"
"A Pizza Hut"
"I've Been Working on the Railroad"
"Down by the Bay"

Check back for some pictures and videos from the kids Sports day today at  Mills Haven Elementary!

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