Monday, May 12, 2014

Gallimore Cousins BBQ

On Saturday Night we had a Gallimore Cousins BBQ at Courtney and Darrel's place.  We had a great time playing with the kids and eating some amazing food! Mmmmmmmmm melt in your mouth Prime Rib!

 Little Aiden
 Uncle Burke Rainbow Looming with with Ally and Abs
 Court with little Annabelle
 Uncle Steve Photo Bomb
 Ummmm girls are gone and look who's still Looming...hmmmm
 I should make this my profile picture
 Uncle B and Syd selfie
 Another Stevie photo bomb~
 Auntie Jen with Aiden
 Annabelle chatting on the phone
 What a cutie
 Zach had fun playing with Aiden
 He loved the little guy
 Ok, maybe he smothered Aiden a bit! haha
Upside down close up
 Upside down Annabelle
 Playing with toys
 The older kids posing for the adults
 Aiden showing us his walking skills
 Uncle Darrel playing with Syd and Annabelle
 Ally helping Uncle Darrel with dinner
 Kids shot. I love Syd in this pic
 Impossible to get them all to sit still
 And look at the camera. What a great group of kids!
 Adult shot. Great picture Abby!
 Zachy playing with Annabelle
 Abby made this collage using an app on my phone.

Fun night had by all.  Now the countdown is on to the Gallimore Main event at Auntie Lynn and Uncle John's! 

T-Minus 27 days...

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