Monday, May 05, 2014

Grandad's Belated Birthday Party

On Friday night we celebrated Grandad's Birthday.  It was a late celebration due to us being in Montreal on his actual birthday but we made up for it with some fun bowling, some great cupcakes and lots of laughs!

 Zachy going hard
 Watching his ball go
 Grandad helping Syd
 G with some nice bowling form
 Ally's turn
 Staring the ball down
 Chrissy cheering her ball on
 Ma with her son-in-law Stevie
 Abs focusing
 Watching to see what happens
 Ma's turn
 Ohhhh Great job Grammee
 Granny Bowl
 Grammee bowl
 Lean Grammee Lean
 Auntie nice smile, Syd silly
 Auntie silly, Syd smiling nice
 Zachy and his Mum
 The Girls
 Grandad getting birthday hugs from the Russell girls
  Abs with some great form
 Launching the ball
  Daddy Daughter selfie
 The gang
 Go Grandad Go
 Great form. Almost as if he was once on a bowling team :)
 Grandad with the Gallitown girls
 Syd taking a break
 Alyssa looking for a strike

We had two teams.  Grandad and his grand-kids vs the rest of us.  The kids got the bumpers and their team beat us! Congrats Grandad, Abby, Ally, Zach and Syd!

 Team 1: Brian, Steve, Susan, Chrissy and Grammee (516 points)
 Grandad's Team: Zach, Sydney, Ally, Abby and Grandad (526 points)
 The winning team
 We rule!
 Me and my buddies
 Grandad's Boston Bruins cupcake cake made by Susan. Awesome.
 Party Time
  Crazy fools
 The girls are goofy, Zachy is a stud and Grandad is just plains nuts
 Cake time
 Blowing out the candles
 Great picture of the kids and Grandad blowing out the candles
  Just having a good ol time

We had a great time with Grandad bowling and celebrating his birthday!

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