Monday, May 19, 2014

May Long Weekend Camping

What a great May Long Weekend.  We went to the Whitecourt Lions Campground, roughly 2 hours north west, and had a great time relaxing and playing with the kids.  We camped with Brad and his little ones and the Russells.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend.

We got there Friday night and relaxed around the fire before bed

 Abby telling jokes to Uncle Brad

In the morning the kids got up and were playing quietly when Chrissy and I decided to roll out of bed

 The kids rainbow looming in bed

Then it was time for Auntie Sue's waffles for breakfast

 Ally and Syd chowing down
 Abs sitting with Katie during breakfast
 The boys owning those waffles
 This was a propane tank on someones trailer. It was HUGE! That tank would last us for years!!!
 Katie blowing bubbles
 Great bubbles Ally
 I like this pic. Ally blowing bubbles
 Haha Ally photo bombing Katie blowing bubbles
 Kids playing "SORRY" in the trailer

Time to head to the park for some fun

 Ally sitting on top of the train
 Katie driving the train
 Zach and Syd playing in the sand
 Jack digging away
 The crew aboard the Whitecourt Express
 These two girls are so beautiful
 Chrissy catching some rays at the park
 Jack and Zach digging tunnels in the sand
 Zach had to go to the washroom so the two of us went back to the trailer and found a friend on the way.
 There were 3 Mule Deers hanging around the campground all day
 Sue pushing the whole lot on the swings
 Auntie Chrissy's turn to push. Sydney and Katie LOVED those swings!!!
Auntie Sue relaxing on the train

After a great day we went to DQ for some ice cream treats

 Abby, Sydney, Katie, Zach, Jack and Ally
 Syd with a funny look for her Auntie Chrissy

On Sunday we got up and after breakfast we headed back to the park for some fun

 Ally, Zachy and Abs on the merry go round
 Going round and round
 They loved this ride
 Jack getting pushed on the swing by his Big Poppa
 I LOVE this pic.  Katie loved the swings so much. What a great smile!
 Speaking of great smiles...
 Mohawk Jack on his sweet hog
 Thumbs up from big Zach
 Heading back to the campsite for lunch
 Daddy Daughter. Priceless
 The things Dads do for their daughters
 The Moms sitting at the fire
 Deep in thought
 After lunch Uncle Ian came for a visit
 Peek a boo
 Zachy telling Uncle Ian a story of some sort
 Oh Geez.  Silly Uncle Ian
 Ally and her Mama
 Abs and her Mama
 Abs and Ally sharing a chair
 Uncle Steve and Zachy
 What silly girls
 Auntie Sue roasting marshmallows
 Chris and Ian relaxing
 Jack roasting marshmallows
Katie giving me a big smile
 Mean faces...
 Princess smiles
 Silly smiles with Auntie Chrissy
 Princess smiles
 Dinner time. Smokies and chips!
 The little ones signing or screaming...not sure which one
 The older girls all mature in their big seats
 The boys downing their dogs
 Time for the clean up crew
 Mr. Russell
 Uncle Ian excited for marshmallows
 "I broke my bun"
 Mom Selfy

After dinner we went back to the park

 Uncle Ian helping Zach up the hill
 Zachy Boy
 This is just asking for trouble
 The girls loved this ride
 Keep those legs in Abs!
 Jack swinging away
 Katie back in her favourite swing
 Smiling Syd swinging
 Great pic of Katie swinging
 Abby climbing. Surprise surprise
 The boys playing a little soccer
 Oops...when you gotta go you gotta go! haha
 I'm back!
 Kicking the ball around with Uncle Ian
 Jack with a big kick

Back at the campsite...

 During some quiet time on Sunday afternoon the kids made a bunch of rainbow loom bracelets and sold them to the parents.
 I LOVE THIS PIC! Go Chrissy Go
 Chop that wood!
 First bump! boom!
 This look screams Sydney! Up to no good! lol
 Uncle Steve teaching Katie and Zach about chopping wood safety
 Katie and Uncle B Selfy
 Jack roasting marshmallows with his Dad
 Syd cuddling with her Mom
 Katie cuddling with her Daddy
 Jack and Ally chatting
 My little cutie in her PJ's ready for a snack before bed
 Cuddling with Uncle Ian
 Zachy in his PJ's before bed
 Abs and Katie hanging out
 The perfect marshmallow
 Sue and Steve focused on their smores
 Brad had a little trouble. Sue had to teach him the way! haha

We had such a great weekend! The kids all played so well together and being the same age were able to entertain each other which let the parents relax a bit.

 What a great group of kids. Love you all!

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